The dropouts multiply.

TMG_v09_CoverArtOkay, another release. Quite short chapter so it didn't take long, but the pace is getting lower.

Because there's no illustration in the chapter, I'll put this cleaned cover in. Yup, it's completely clean and doesn't have any stuff written on it. Pure eye-candy *drools*.

Well, that's about it. Not much action in the chapter, we get a 'I'm the sheriff here' moment and new characters though!

Link here.



14 thoughts on “The dropouts multiply.

  1. NP-3228

    Lol, every side seems to have their dropout teams. It seems everytime inquisition captures people they get experimented on, would expect with that pattern people would start killing themselves instead of being captured alive since inquisition always knows how to make your life worse. Soon, it won't be about fighting inquisition for their organization's beliefs, but fighting inquisition because they captured everyone and rescuing them. -.- They dominating the world through imprisoning everyone in jails throughout the world and torturing them with experimentation and bad jail food!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      They just neutralize people with stun bullets or immediately use gleipnirs on them.

      'Dominating the world through experimentation and bad food', didn't they turn thousands of witches into weapons? Plenty domination oriented I think.

  2. Anonymous

    Last time Krytyk-sama released two chapters in two days (a.k.a. last LN) the whole volume was out in a week.
    And thank you so much Krytyk-sama!<3


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