Too many girls for such a small car. Hah.

TMG_v08_029That gigolo Takeru, share some heroines.

Well, I'm back. Slowly translating stuffs. This time's chapter is - as I said it'll be - quite short. Majority of the book has this short chapters, aside from 2 chapters that are a little bit bigger.

Chapter 1. This time, we get some character interaction and development, I guess that's only fair after the amount of combat in previous volume... and platoon coming together once again.

As for the edits on AntiMagic volume 6, I plan to sit down and do them sometime in the near future. I need to find some "bigger" chunk of time in my schedule to do it.

Btw, Ouka looks really good on that illustration. Damn, Kippu-sensei's art is getting better by the volume.



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    1. AvatarAll Night

      There are lots of quality translations blogs out there. In the "About" tab there is a list of various blogs of simliar quality.


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