Yes, The Main Volumes Are Complete

Basically that.

Uh. I'd like to thank everyone wishing me to come back to health. I'm feel much better already, though a little sleep-deprived.

Now back to release stuffs. This is it for all 13 volumes of main story. Next I will be translating More After from Another Mission 2, it's a fairly big chapter, but nothing like the monstrosity the chapter 4 was. The second epilogue is really short, too.

So, yeah. The links. That'd be: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

Like always, make sure to support the author and publisher. Even if no more books from this series comes out, you gotta pay the toll.


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17 thoughts on “Yes, The Main Volumes Are Complete

Open Message Board

    Thanks man, I've been waiting for this to finish so I can finally start from the start and reread it again.

    I kinda forgot where I left it.... (It's too damn confusing)

  2. Vindex101

    Anyone make a pdf of this yet? Awesome job Krytyk, this series was so great, gonna miss it.

  3. pedoro

    Thanks for all your work. Though I didn't completely hate the anime (thanks to Mari) it's thanks to you that we can read the real story.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I intend to, but I want to catch up to OSO volumes first. Main stuff > side stories y'know.

      1. pinglord

        when you mean by catching up do you mean both volume 10 and the soon to be released volume 11 of OSO cause that would be sweet XD

  4. care4

    is their a chance of one day translating oso instead of anti, well oso got out monts ago but translating in favor of anti......well one day hope for the better translators

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      OSO will come be translated in due time. If you consider me a bad translator, then no one forces you to visit this place.

  5. Alblomat

    Thanks for your amazing job since the beginning to the end. It was a pleasure to read it.

  6. DeEmerald

    Amazin man! Now, go do OSO 😋! Nah, take some time off, rest and thanks for the translations

  7. charasuu

    hallelujah, finnaly reaching a goal line.
    thankyou very much for all the hard work to tl this series.

  8. Abedeus

    Absolute madman. Guess all that's left is the spin-offs, but I guess you need some rest after this savagery of a release schedule.

    Thanks for finishing the main story.