All is well that ends fun. In other words, a volume complete.

OSO_v05_187CIt took less then I estimated, not fast either, though.

Well, okay here I bring you the Epilogue and Afterword of Volume 5. Since there's hardly what to comment on in the chapter (without spoiling) I'll move on the usual. I'll put a full text link when it's up.

Coloured an illustration on the right, enjoy. Tobi-chan :(><)ノ゙✧*

Please do support author however you can (nothing beats buying books, but even recommending it to others works).

Now, to the future. I'm gonna probably do a small break now, the schedule from now on will be: OSO Myu's short story (part1), then Omae wo (volumes 2 and 3 at once). Meanwhile I'll be slacking a bit and reading various books to decide what to pick up.

PS: It's fine to make PDFs Epubs etc of Vol 4. As for Vol 5, wait until Bareus gets done with the usual things. Also, I'm thinking of a new system for ebook media management, but no details yet.

PS2: I don't know when next volume comes for neither OSO or Antimagic, I'll announce it when I know so don't ask.


24 thoughts on “All is well that ends fun. In other words, a volume complete.

  1. Kaengel

    Thanks for your work on this series ! I had quite my share of doubts about another VMMORPG being wrtiten but this one blew them away from the very first chapter.

    I'm gonna enjoy this new volume thanks to you :)

  2. NomNomNom


    Yun is love
    Yun is life

    Thank you krytyk sama for the wonderful work!!!

  3. Snow

    Hi krytyk,

    Again, thank you for the hard work. :))
    But please do take a rest though; you really deserve it.

  4. Asdo

    Thank you so much Kryt ! Awesome work, you were really fast I think and your translation quality is perfect for me, I wouldn't be able to ask for better than this. Now imma gonna enjoy the read

  5. Irina_Akashira

    In this case, do you return with "Omae wo"? or maybe can you accept suggestions for others projects?

  6. Owl

    Have to admit, that went by fast. Pity, good things seem to go by too fast.

    I'll just go reread the whole series again from the start. For the 4th time.

  7. majestix1988

    good luck on your next novel to translate due that other LN finished early and thanks for your hard work on this novel to be translated

      1. AoriiAorii

        And the happy, the healthy, the content, the efficient =P
        Think of it this way: TL quality is higher when you're rested!
        Not sure what your coming plans are, but I'll be updating myself in a few days to keep the blog occupied xD

  8. Aruseus493

    Thanks for the chapter update. I still love this series a hell of a lot and when I get the chance, I plan on importing the volumes since it's just such a great series. I'm looking forward to the PDFs for re-reading. Enjoy your break, you really deserve it. ^_^

  9. stratosdragon

    I'm sad that it has ended we need more Yun justice also did this volume not have a sense build like the others?


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