Because I can, and because the chapter's short.

OSO_v04_083So yeah, here you go. Another chapter. I basically translate this while reading it for the first time properly, so if there's anyone to blame for the fast pace - it's the book. It holds mysterious hypnotizing powers. Also, I still want the Tobi-doll to cuddle.

That's more or less it. For those who want to buy the book, I recommend for both digital(kindle, mobiles) and physical versions, (only paypal required),, and so on.

Link to the chapter.


17 thoughts on “Because I can, and because the chapter's short.

  1. Truth

    Krytyk if I knew how to sew, I'd make you a Tobi-doll just to thank you for this chapter.

    1. Guildy

      After Krytyk's statement I immediately went to acquire the [Sewing] sense......slowly

  2. bladerain

    Ahahaha, because I can? Doing something within ones ability is something not that admirable since it requires hard work but not that many do so and take short cuts but your translating speed is simply the fastest I've ever known.

  3. JJ

    So i tried buying the digital version of the book for kindle app from the US and amazon won't let me T_T

          1. JJ

            nice, I wanted the digital version of it cuz it was cheaper but amazon says i can't get it cuz of copyright law or something. . .

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      If I'm not wrong you need a separate account for that >.> I'm not very knowledgeable, but I know certain German translator who was buying stuff from kindle.

    2. Tehbeefer

      I ran into the same problem independently a few days ago; for whatever reason, they'll sell physical books overseas, but not digital ones. Since there isn't even a license to get in the way, I'm not sure what they're trying to avoid. You think they'd take my money. You can probably get around it by using a proxy, but at that point you're basically tricking them into selling it to you. Fortunately, manga publishers in North America seem to being taking another crack at the light novel market, so maybe we'll see it eventually.

  4. victorrama

    'Because I can'
    Darn Kry sama so manly! thanks for the chapt! this will heal my soul.

  5. kanel

    i am organazing a money razing campaing in order to create an army of Tobi dolls of all sizes for krytyk:)

    thnx for the chapter so far

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the chapter Krytyk-sama!
    Three releases in three days! It must be a new world record!


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