Darkn... or rather, lots of red. Lots of blood. Really.

TMG_v07_202CYup, another release. It was slightly delayed as I felt like doing a coloured illustration for Ouka of this chapter... well, it took me like 12 hours, and it still isn't complete, there's lots of details I could improve and can stand out... but I've had enough. Maybe I'll come back to the illustration some other day, but I don't feel like fixing every small detail right now. I think it presents itself quite good nevertheless. Though, the amount of red is terrifying.

As for the release link, here it is, chapter 5 of AA Volume 7. Quite a good chapter I dare say, although that depends on the preference.


16 thoughts on “Darkn... or rather, lots of red. Lots of blood. Really.

  1. ian

    thanks krytykz . hoho ouka now really fits her name the crimson lotus . good chapter indeed . i like nero and kyouya combo

  2. Anonymous

    Thank so much for the translation and the colouring!
    You said there were problems but it seems awesome enough for me (and most likely for all the other readers also)

  3. Saber

    Thank you!! Btw where can i get my hands on these volumes? i wanna buy the first 6

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      You can buy them from amazon.co.jp, both physical and kindle copies.
      You can also buy them from ebook providers like bookwalker, toranoana, honto, booklive.


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