Darkness imouto, so cute.

TMG_v05_073Now, shortly after the chapter 1 was released, there you go with the chapter 2 of Antimagic Academy, it might feel like early Christmas for a reason but don't mind it. Enjoy the cute imouto photo on the right side, also enjoy the other illustrations featured in this chapter... they're soo nice~.

Well, not much to say this time, ugh, if you want anything, write in the comment, drop by the IRC channel or whatever.

Oh, and if you can, if it's possible to you and you have some money to spare... no, I'm not asking for donations.

Go buy original version of the books you have enjoyed on my blog. Support the author, that's only fair to pay for something you enjoyed. And if you did it, then why not post cover pictures or screenshots of what you got and brag about it? Whether physical or digital versions in their applications or on devices, all the same!

—— Krytyk

46 thoughts on “Darkness imouto, so cute.

  1. AvatarPhalkor

    I think I could write some pretty convincing essays on most of the novels on this blog linking our enjoyment of them to S/M. Albeit not all of it links cleanly with S/M. If S/M are two sides of the same coin then the S/M coin has another side that is the Kind/Fluffy coin (this theory is open to improvement for the exact nature of the coin). It's a new dimension. It would take some work to write an essay though and I'm not that motivated yet... My reasoning for new coin attributes is that somebody who is not being sadistic is being kind and somebody who doesn't derive pleasure from hurtful things gets it from fluffy things. I'm rather proud of this metaphor I just made up. In short, darkness and fluff are two sides of the same coin.

  2. AvatarLuminaris

    Darkness is the origin. Origin is darkness. Imoutos are their apostles! I worship all Imoutos!
    On a side note. I went and bought both volumes of OSO. DAMN IT! Myu's cuteness overwhelmed me and before I knew it I had already succumbed to her devilishly cute hands and bought the books.

  3. Avatarjin_ssi

    Krytyk, I have a quick question, you may or may not be able to answer, I am translating Mahou Sensou right now and am considering creating a blog. I would like to know about your blog. Are you using the free wordpress or did you download the software from wordpress's website and do it that way? I actually can't figure out how to get their software installed to use it, so should I go ahead and just use the blog at wordpress.com?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I have the software downloaded and the wordpress blog is installed on server, I'm not very knowledgeable about it as I have someone else (all hail that person) make and manage that aspect for me. So I can't help you much, I know that there is many people who uses wordpress.com, and it's possible to comfortably use it, although having the software on your own server gives you more options.

      1. Avatarjin_ssi

        Ah okay, thanks, I know you do have more options with software installed, I was just trying to figure which would be best to use.

  4. AvatarKaiflame

    I feel like Krytyk would like one of those imoutos who start chanting Onii-chan when the author begins his attempts to break her.

  5. AvatarOphis

    My waifu sure is badass, don't you agree? ah~ Kiseki-chan, I'm ready for more of you <3

    Btw, thanks for the translations Krytyk!

  6. AvatarForumreader

    No! We need fluffiness to counteract the darkness! If pure darkness attacks all we can do is be obliterated.

    1. Avatarvictorrama

      Being obliterated by darkness feels good too you know :D.

      And then agin, only after the night, morning will come. Embrace the darkness, before Yun come and save us all.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Amazon.co.jp has OSO vol 1 and 2 kindle ebooks for 214 yen (2$) each (+tax, I think).

      1. AvatarPinecone

        That is pretty cheap. If they had those in English I wouldn't mind paying $15.

        Is it just OSO or are all light novels available with kindle?

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Vast majority is, yeah. Also, prices vary depending on the novel, I'm guessing the most expensive ones would cost around 500-600 yen.

          1. AvatarPinecone

            AAAAAAAhhh!!!! Overlord is 1,080 yen but not available digitally! Shipping kills it for me.

            If I could read japanese, I would have an entire library of ebooks from amazon japan in an hour.

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Digital versions are always much cheaper, if available. Well, it's obvious, they're cheaper by the printing, transportation and distribution's share.

          3. AvatarPinecone

            Apparently I can't use my domestic amazon account and have to make a Japanese amazon account in order to buy the books. Is there no way to use the U.S. based account?

          4. krytykkrytyk Post author

            I am not entirely sure, I believe it is possible when purchasing through the device-in-built apps...? I'm buying my books from Japanese bookstore so I'm not sure about amazon. I know cautr from guhehe.net used to buy amazon books and he mentioned something like that. I'm not entirely sure myself, really.

          5. AvatarSonoda Yuki

            So for buying the digital versions on amazon japan, you may have to temporarily deregister your amazon account from your kindle and register it with an amazon.co.jp account. DO NOT TRY ON A KINDLE FIRE.

  7. Avatarvictorrama

    I understand completely.....She is cute indeed. I mean look at those 'decorations' around her.... mmmm...Ughuehehe...Dark krytyk... S krytyk.... needs an M to perfect it!!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Leave, you're too disgusting for this place! She is cute, but I have no intention of going S! Nor M!

      I'm normal! Anyone can vouch for it!

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          You're just jealous because your imouto doesn't summon meat tsunamis and doesn't turn anything she touches into lumps of meat with eyes and mouths that call "onii-chan".

        2. Avatarvictorrama

          Hullo Al-chan, been a while :D
          And Krytyk-sama. Everything in the world is either S or M.
          Google SM Hantei Forum for the theme song. ( ED song of Inu x Boku )

          1. AvatarAll Night

            I was wondering what rock you were hiding under. I got tired of digging, so I just sit around in IRC waiting for you to pop up. "Stop calling me "-chan" ಠ_ಠ

      1. Avatarbladerain

        That's true. This person is simply interested in imouto genre. It's similar to how I'm interested Fantasy and Gender Bender. We're similar to how we like the anime, Light Novel or manga with how Krytyk likes imouto. After all, we're all just normal people here. People from different kinds of life interested in one thing. Light Novels.

  8. AvatarDoom0117

    Has the fluffiness finally succumbed to the darkness?!! Where is our Justice?!! If Justice doesn't get here soon to save it will the fluffiness be forever tainted?!!

      1. Avatarkanel

        yeah its official krytyk is the new darth Veider....any of you who still support the fluffiness COME TO THE DARK SIDE...we have antimagic coookies:P

        and as ussual the update speed is unreal..thnx krytyk

      2. KadiKadi

        Krytyk is the master of darkness. Krytyk has an imouto-fetish. Alice is an imouto => krytyk will succumb to Alice => The master of darkness will succumb to fluffiness!

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Or will alice first succumb to darkness...?

          Maybe it's time for me to play around in photoshop to make darkness version of alice...

          1. Avatarlesstea

            Not sure why, but today I had a random daydreaming about Alice being attacked by bandits and she fried them all with her lightning, then succumbs into despair from taking other people's lives.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      The legs! The subtle small breasts! The smile! The brocon!

      The darkness! Chaos! Evil! Destruction! YEAHHHHHHH.

      Even just the fact of being imouto is enough to call her cute!

      1. AvatarAmanies

        "Even just the fact of being imouto is enough to call her cute!"


      2. AvatarKaiflame

        You have earned the title "Imouto-con"
        +5 to translate speed
        +5 to translation accuracy
        -25 to Imouto Resistance
        Darkness Imouto Summon Unlocked!


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