Darkness is back, now with 40% more Fluffiness!

TMG_v05_021Heyah, it's been a while since I've released~, in meantime there were some hostiles trying to use the fluffy beings to induce innocent mortal souls, but no longer. Here I add some of the darkness to turn your white fluffiness into grey mush!

And so, the project that hasn't had much action for a while now - as promised - continues, Antimagic Academy's vol 5 chapter 1 can be found here, revel in its darkness those of you who follow the path of evil. Rejoice, and give me the tribute~. Also——enjoy the cute bunny on the right side.

Now, chuuni stuff aside. Took me some time to get back to myself, and sort stuff out so that I could translate once again. My clock started indicating 9th of October for 45 minutes now, OSO comes out on 18th of October - I don't know if I'll finish Antimagic by then, but I won't start OSO until I finish it... won't take long, it shouldn't. Moreover, justice compels me to start OSO translation asap~.

—— Krytyk

 Alice_avatarToctoc, the inva... Kadi here.

 As an immediate relief measure against the dark counter-attack I have prepared more Fluffiness(TM) for you to drown your sorrows in!

Do not despair, for every bunny girl fallen to the darkness, I have 3 new fluffy dreams for you!Come, come, you hurt souls, Alice is in top shape and will cleanse you all! FOR FLUFFINESS!!!

This update begins a new Part to be found here. I hope, anyway. This blog does mysterious things sometimes...

—— Kadi

21 thoughts on “Darkness is back, now with 40% more Fluffiness!

  1. AvatarOddmoonlight

    Due to reading 4 volumes of Anti-35 right now I enjoy that rabbit picture more. Kadi you must work hard to try to make me think otherwise. *Melds into the shadows...*

  2. AvatarDual-Blades

    Darkness....I like editing/reading Antimagic in the dark, makes it more dark...

  3. Avatarforum

    After being TRAPped in light, a bask of darkness definitely helps. TY as always for great translations.

  4. AvatarMikistly

    ALL HAIL AND PRAISE Krytyk Lord and Master here!!!! We lowly mortals are gratefull for your dark blessing!!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Begone foul light i wont be snared by your tricky warm ....

  5. AvatarVizz

    Thank you for your hard work on doing this and for giving me something great to read!

  6. AvatarNic

    Dark vs Light.

    Which side will you join...

    Antimagic vs Nekama & Only Sense Online.

    Thanks for the update~!

    1. AvatarxExorTx

      there's a cult about this FLUFFINESS already Night. might as well watch the development of this "Darkness vs Fluffiness" war.


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