Alice, by 雷山 of ジークンソフト

Alice, by 雷山 of ジークンソフト

Toctoc. Kadi here.

Do you see that fluffiness? Worship it and obey! Do not let the antimagical darkness consume you! Speak after me: Alice. Is. Fluffiness!

I know some of you have seen it over on Syosetu already, but the artwork coming with this post is the most official depiction of Alice there is. It was a gift to Seto Yuuichi from Raizan of... G-kun Soft? Zea-kun Soft? ... I'M SORRY! I have no idea how to romanize that correctly. Thanks to 雷山 of ジークンソフト! I think it's very cute.

On another note, along with this post I release Chapter 8 of Nekama, after sneakily releasing Chapter 6 and Chapter 7 last night already. This finishes what I think of as "Part 1", a subdivision of the Arcs I arbitrarily came up with to avoid dropdown lists with 30 entries. After another two Parts of 7 chapters each, the first Arc will come to an end with a bang. Let's hope I make it there...

Thank you for outstanding feedback so far as well help with hunting down all those pesky, little errors and hiccups. It's very appreciated.

Now, please excuse me, I need to cry a bit... translating made me a bit emotional.


20 thoughts on “FLUFFINESS!

  1. AvatarMrPebbles

    I am sorry for I have already been consumed by the darkness of Antimagic. I now kneel to the darkness, as a husk from someone who once kneeled to Justice and Fluffiness. Forgive me... for there is no salvation for this unworthy fool...

      1. AvatarChilliam

        really? it just looks like slightly curved flakes of polished steel sheet to me...

  2. AvatarOwl

    "Now, please excuse me, I need to cry a bit… translating made me a bit emotional."

    Take 2 panadol, the pain should pass soon, and avoid the Google Translate. :)

  3. Avatarlesstea

    ...you know the visitors of this website usually refresh the page in hourly basis, right?
    So it doesn't matter whether you announce it or not; we'd find it. Ufufufu *evil laugh*

    1. KadiKadi Post author

      Which is why I can leave those goodies lying around in the first place. *eviller laugh*

      1. AvatarxExorTx

        @lesstea: dude not hourly but everytime a page has finished loading...

        @Kadi: no! don't go down that path! Philippine's shitty net can't keep up...

  4. AvatarNP-3228

    Thought her hair was suppose to be silver, not blue. Lol at the pink ribbons at the end of her dress. A pinch of cuteness is necessary for the adventure's garb.

  5. AvatarKaiflame

    This may end up as a horrible train-wreck, but if it does, it shall be the most glorious train-wreck on the internet.

  6. AvatarComa

    I... must... not... fall....

    AHHHH it's useless... fighting againt Yun's justice had already brougth me to the edge of the abyss... this is the final strike... Hail, horrors! hail, Infernal World! and thou, profoundest Hell... the age of trap moeness is upon us!!!!

    1. AvatarOwl

      I vote we stop calling Yun-kun a trap and start calling him/her an "ambush"!

      S/he obviously passed the stage of "trap" long ago.

      1. AvatarxExorTx

        how about "PERFECT"? since the gender-bender really play it's role not like "TRAP" that betrays you every-second...


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