Hostile Invasion!

yunToctoc, Kadi here.

Krytyk is nice enough to offer me a corner of his site for a translation project of my own. So here I am to challenge Yun's justice with Alice from the web novel

I thought I'd play a girl online, but I was reborn as one in another world!
(Nekama shiyou to omottara, isekai tensei shite onna ni nattandaga!)

or Nekama for short, written by Seto Yuuichi over on syosetu. Completely free of Nekamas (guys who pretend to be girls online), by the way. You'll see. And to advertise it a bit...

"Arisugawa Akito suddenly finds himself in another world and another body, namely the one of the game character he just created. Female, game character. Alice. When there is no virtual reality technology around. Join him her as he she struggles with the world, her body and the puppies after her life as the dream of being the strongest feels suddenly far away... or of being a man."

... ANYWAY! As krytyk does, I'll update it when I do, no predictions, no promises. Not spoiling it, will go a long way to keep me happy and motivated.

Allow me to thank [censored due to length] krytyk for giving me the space and Seto Yuuichi for writing this gem and giving his OK for the translation.


P.S.: Before I forget: Project Page is here and the first part here or you can go by chapters.

Now, krytyk here~

I have stated previously that I have no intention of creating a group nor using this blog for one, that still stands. I'm completely uninterested in creating "groups".

However, I'm not opposed to hosting someone's projects if they really want me to. I have a quality blog here and my own domain, and I see no problem whatsoever with letting someone in.

And thus, I have agreed to host Kadi's projects on the website (It's not like I have anything to lose, and both he and you (the readers) gain. Besides, having Kadi to finally get to do some actual translations is enough of a miracle to support him no matter what~.

One more thing, for those who haven't seen it - the volume 3 cover for Only Sense Online is out, it's the one displayed on the right.

Right, as for the translations - I'm still working and haven't translated anything, I'll return to translating in a few days... yup, the plan is still to finish Antimagic before 18th (OSO vol 3 release date.)

Now, Enjoy yourselves with Kadi's new project, any questions and requests as well as editing on the project will be handled by him~.

29 thoughts on “Hostile Invasion!

  1. Avatarbladerain

    Speaking of which, shouldn't the volume 3 of Only Sense Online be released on October 20? What happened for it to be released this early? Not like I'm complaining though.

  2. AvatarRockmosis

    When you (Kadi) thank "[...]Seto Yuuichi for writing this gem and giving his OK for the translation," does this mean this will be an official translation of the web novel?
    Anyways, looking forward to more stuff to read here!

    1. KadiKadi Post author

      No, only that he knows of me, what I'm doing and that he's fine with it. Official sounds like money and licenses and whatever...

  3. AvatarLirg123

    Well.... not everyone wants to make a blog just to host one volume. I understand not wanting to become a group, but that's just mean that another story that could not be read.

    1. krytykkrytyk

      Probably the light, don't people look different depending on the light? Like the bulb's yellow light vs white sunlight.

  4. AvatarNyan Cat

    Although i think that this site may be promoting gender bender mc and trap to readers, i'll probably keep on reading their stuff.

  5. Avatarforum

    And I thought it's a new chapter of AMA, but instead I've been lured into a trap again

  6. Avatarmryoso

    first knights and magic, then oso, and now this?

    I'm not really into traps but i somehow feel that a mysterious force is trying to brainwash me into liking this genre.

  7. AvatarNic



    Why is Yun always in the background >.<
    I desire a solo cover shot of her, drawing her bow.
    Zakuro & Ryui would be a bonus if featured too.

  8. Avatarkanel


    o wait...its another trap....sigh...i guess we have to let it pass:P

    well welcome and i wish you good luck with the translations thought i dont have the time to read a new series now.

  9. AvatarReaper Phoenix

    Antimagic Academy LNs are about 7 to 8 chapters. You already translated the prologue. That leaves 6 to 7 chapters including the epilogue. Your're planning to finish it in 13 days. Please don't push your self too hard! Overworking your self is a good way to end up bedridden or in a hospital. Trust me I know. Been there, done that. Then again the impression I get is that you're a good enough (I could go with DIVINE here) translator who could do it and still get enough rest and do RL stuff.

  10. Avatarlesstea

    «I’m still working and haven’t translated anything, I’ll return to translating in a few days… yup, the plan is still to finish Antimagic before 18th»

    *looking at the current date*
    ... How? Do you even have enough time to d---- oh wait, I forgot. It's you we're talking about.
    Nvm. Just ignore it.

  11. Avatarkazeshindo


    Also, I have been reading the OSO vol 1 and 2 over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again....while waiting for vol 3 to come out :P

  12. AvatarNP-3228

    Sounds like alice needs to find a god-like giant clam boss in the game somewhere. Not really a fan of gender-benders but ill take the plunge.

  13. Avatarbladerain

    No intentions of hosting a group? Wow, that's some determination. But it's great that you'd like to host others projects. I wonder if more would host their projects here too... This is a really popular site. I must admit that I do browse daily...

  14. AvatarRahman



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