Daybreak Volume 4

Pascal, dress uniform ver.

Finally! (...and Krytyk is back so I'm no longer stealing his thunder!)

Beta readers have been busy and I've been distracted so this took a while.

Volume 4 Chapter 1

In the spirit of my works as usual, I hope you learn something from this chapter. The Spice and Wolf readers can tell me how this compares to the depth of economics in that series. Those of you who read Flowers will also see why I wanted to finish that exposition first before starting this one.

In other news, uploaded two character profile sketches of Pascal to the fan art, plus Hachi-Hana has given Tofu it's silkiness~ see the Daybreak and fan art pages for more ^^

~ Aorii

11 thoughts on “Daybreak Volume 4

  1. Ray-j

    Thanks for the chapters!
    Really missed reading more about Kaede and Pascal (i did read everything again but it only helps a little ^^).
    For flowers i'm waiting to see more of it before commanting (seems fine even if a little too fast / hard on the beginning).
    Take yours time, it's worth it.

    1. Aorii Post author

      Hey you've returned =P
      Flowers has a VERY different presentation style compared to Daybreak, and is one that I take much more seriously from the beginning. The approach choice is actually somewhat inspired by a very famous Russian novel xD
      But yeah I figured it's hard to comment on until I actually write and reveal more ^^;

  2. Varevas

    Thanks for the chapter!
    Also funny coincidence, you posted this on the Finnish day of literature.

  3. WinterRED

    Thank you for the chapter! On a sidenote, I think you meant "its silkiness" and not "it's". My apology for nitpicking of course.

  4. Delphinus

    Hmm, it's time to go to sleep. I haven't checked this website in a couple of days. A new chapter of Daybreak! Sorry sleep this is happening first. Thanks for the chapter looking for to finishing it or passing out. And thanks for the reminder of what I need to catch up on.

  5. XRick

    It's good to see you back to the main story. I was starting to think you had hit a wall and become unable of moving it ahead. Keep it up!
    I haven't read Flowers yet, may try now, before going to this new chapter, since it seems to have some sort of relevance to this.

    Also, nice to see that you managed to get another nice artist to collaborate with you on this project, will be eagerly awaiting new character arts.

      1. XRick

        I'm now following Hachi's DeviantArt, to keep track of all new character designs :D

        Also, is the story gonna stay serious and heavy from now on or there's still a chance of a small return to more soft moments of the likes of Vol01&02? I really enjoyed those moments a lot, and have had a few nice laughs at their expense :p

        1. Aorii Post author

          There're plenty of soft chapters. But the main story is pretty serious and it's taking more and more of the spotlight.
          Kinda like you know -- how people graduate into adulthood =p
          (I realize anime fans wish they were forever in high school)


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