Despair. Long. Heavy. Dark. FEELS.

EB_v01_257This chapter has everything. From a totally insane, sicko-disgusting psychopath and utter darkness, through awe, to action, politics, feels and whatever else.

So to speak, a kind of masterpiece, or at least I think so. The darkness and despair in the novel is very difficult for me to take on, but despite that, this is an amazing novel and this chapter proves it, despite its own darkness.

Yup, it's as you see, I spend the entire day to translate this incredibly long, novel's longest chapter. You can find the link here.

You have read the most of the novel, so it's about time I start encouraging you guys and girls, men and women to purchase the book. It's only right to do so. The author needs to earn his monies so that he can continue, starting with author ending with the lowest minions at publishers and distributors, everyone has to be paid for the work they have done so that people can read this book, thus - purchase it. If you enjoyed it, or even if you didn't enjoy it yet read it. Purchase it. if not now, then in the future.

PS: The despair is only the first part.

PS2: Ellis is indisputably the best girl.


23 thoughts on “Despair. Long. Heavy. Dark. FEELS.

  1. VelocitasE

    heh after an emergency infusion of floofy anime to keep me from dying of darkness-shock, this was surprisingly.....not that bad! That or I'm still in shock, and it hasnt quite affected me yet.

    Also, FINALLY BOTH of them are psycho, not just the girl! +9001 for my scale of win-factor.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I didn't really like that PV, the cvs don't match, the style of Takeru's god hunter looks poor too. Also, the music too.

  2. JustChilling

    This is the first book that really wouldn't mind buying. It would be hard (hard mode anyone?) but i'll start learning jap from this. I think I will purchase this novel. How much does it usually cost to get it ?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's a really difficult book to read, mind. The author uses difficult vocabulary.

      Well, it varies depending on where you live.

      1. JustChilling

        hmm...that kind of sobered me up but like still get it. I'll use it more like a goal now. How much do u think it would cost to get it to Miami? and how much did you pay for the book itself?

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          In general I purchase digital versions of the books, they "arrive" instantly and they're cheaper so I don't have to ship them. For physical versions I would try to avoid because of its horrendous shipping fees. I would try because they offer their international free shipping. Mind that you need to use yesasia's US site

          For example like this:

          1. JustChilling

            The price is ok but I have no idea about the shipping. What do you use for the digital version? Because right now, cost is boss for me (i'm at university right now with limited funds and shipping to a small country in the Caribbean will be a pain)

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Bookwalker. It allows for payment with paypal and is easy to use. Although, it only allows reading the books with their official applications (Windows, Android, iOS).

  3. happinezz001

    Although I'm already eager to read this series I shall wait until the entire volume is done so that it would be able to easily swallow the story and all of it's darkness

  4. T1stG

    So twisted, so sad, yet so beautiful.
    I think chapter 2 was scarier tho

    & Thanks for translating such awesome stuff krytyk ^w^

  5. Mors

    The colored illustrations don't capture the feel of the story at all, they look too much like moeblob.

    Cool story tho, bro --

  6. Ophis

    Yay~, more despair♪

    Thanks for bringing more despair into our lives Krytyk-chan!

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        It won't hurt, believe me, I would never deceive you. (speaks in sweet, coercive voice).

          1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

            Take. That. Back.
            How could the cute necromancerloli elf-chan possibly be deceiving you? You would dare disbelieve her words?

    1. Reright

      Same here Jay ,I just want a decent description /summary or maybe even some tags so I know whether or not I have prepare for certain actions to occur -it's a dark fantasy I wrong to worry ?


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