Elvenblood really doesn't hold back.

EB_v01_207So, a release. One more chapter left besides the relatively short epilogue and afterword. Just a little bit more until I can tap into light and forget about Elvenblood's existence for a while.

You can find the link to the chapter in here.

This time on the agenda... first, the ebooks. Since I lost any control of the ebooks creation, updates (the date when the ebooks were made and changes done meanwhile) and quality, I decided to make a new system and Bareus had volunteered to maintain it. All the ebooks will disappear from the series page and will be moved to a special page (fan art is in a child page of that one) you can already find on the bar (you could for a while now). It will list the ebook creator, date of creation and such. There will also be requirements for ebooks to serve as some standardization and quality check for them. I will encourage for the re-making of the epubs anew, while abiding the requirements.

Well, fresh versions would be really welcome, for example, did you notice that all furigana disappeared from Elysion Virtual Region? Things like that.

I will specially notify if a redo of some volume is required, for example like it is for Elysion now, but it would also be good to have fresh versions for everything that are up to date (no one kept track of it before, so some are definitely outdated).

Second, the subscriptions. I've been asked a few times already so I installed e-mail subscriptions. It sends an email once a day on set hour if there is an update. So, don't expect immediate notification.

You can sign up to it below, or on the About page.


9 thoughts on “Elvenblood really doesn't hold back.

  1. VelocitasE

    This comes as sort of a 1-2 combo for me, found MuvLuv Alternative playthrough on youtube since I didnt have the time between lectures to play 12-18 hours of VN. After I attempted to flush the darkness out, krytyk deals a critical strike for massive damage!(pun is unintended, believe me) The darkness has sapped the willpower from me, and I stared at the wall for about an hour. I was never a fan of OSO, but I think it'd be a welcome change with all the darkness I've been reading/watching lately. O_o

  2. Arthur

    The email subscription is a great idea, and hopefully will keep people from pestering you about releases. I posted it before (not the link but the info), but for e-books, there is a program called Calibre (it's freeware) that will convert any format e-book into any other format. Works really well, and is compatible with Windows and Mac.

  3. happinezz001

    somehow i'm having trouble motivating myself to read this novel because the illustrations and the genre somewhat don't match

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Volume 2's illustrations look more mature, ghastly even. Volume 1's chapter 5's are more mature too.

  4. victorrama

    Love you Kry-sama. And I preferer stalking you privately rather than having email subs :3


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