Fighting, fighting, fighting... and... the grand secret is out

TMG_v10_241What the secret is, I won't say. Read through and learn by yourself.

Nearing the finish of the volume, what's left is a very short epilogue and even shorter afterword. Maybe I'll finish it tonight, maybe tomorrow.

For the "what characters appear" on OSO 5's cover, I'm going to make my own guess plus a small argumentation. Most likely it'll be Sei and Mikadzuchi, with Yun always being there. Why? Because Sei has less appearances so far than Myu, and Mikadzuchi not only had her design done, but also appeared in colour. Hell if I know who will be in front though. Possibly Mikadzuchi? I hope so, she's cool nee-san. Ultimately, this is my guess and there isn't anything in webnovel ahead that would suggest it. Pretty much any character can come up.

Well, then, the chapter link.

And, why is the first illustration where it is? I don't know, it was there in the book.


11 thoughts on “Fighting, fighting, fighting... and... the grand secret is out

  1. Carlos

    I don't get that about the first illustration... mind to explain? ^.^

    Thank you for translating so fast!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      See, the first illustration's show beaten-up Takeru, all cut up stand against Hayato. The problem is, Takeru didn't fight ANYONE AT ALL until that point nor he had yet engaged in combat with Hayato.

      Moreover, it seems as if the story was re-written, behind Hayato we can see cracks in the sky. Which would suggest the story was originally different and the battle had occurred inside of the Heretic Alliance's headquarters, and this illustration was made for the originally-devised story before rewritten.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Of course they noticed and knew of it. However, they use what they have. Kippu-sensei must be busy with character designs for anime, also he's doing illustrations for Nourin too.

          1. Carlos

            I didn't know Kippu-sensei was also doing the character designs for the anime! Then the anime will be awesome if they go for a 2-cour like you said in another post.

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Kippu-sensei is responsible for the overall novel/franchise character designs, that's how it usually is with original novel's illustrators.

            While main character's designs are ready, he needs to help/cooperate with other character designs, mob characters and such. They can't be havin' a random person do character designs, designing characters that are completely different from the main cast.

  2. happinezz001

    I think it might be lyle and cloude on the cover cuz i just checked out the website even though there is no pic yet

  3. Evil Twin2146

    "Mikadzuchi not only had his design done"
    You addressed Mikadzuchi as a male.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      This is the second time... fuck.

      Well, it only proves how well the character is written. (she's supposed to be masculine).


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