It's back~ darkness is back~

TMG_v09_009Okay, this volume probably isn't going to be translated at any amazing pace like OSO, it's quite big and I don't have as much time. Basically, gonna drop prologue now and translate chapters when I have some free time on the side. I'm guessing this is my first attempt at catching up with AA, hopefully I'll manage :)).

I have to say, this illustration is deadly, lovely and deadly. I just love how Kippu's art evolved over the few years since he started working on 35th Platoon.

Okay, link for the Prologue.

Now to the second issue... thanks to user Galen Musbach who provided the scan from the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko's Heroine calendar, as well as my meagre photoshopping skills there's a descent of overwhelming justice. Hail the justice, spread the love. God... Toutobi, why are you so wonderful, such a sinner.

I'll translate the provided short story and announce it another post, also - I'm moving the illustration to the new post. Kai.


23 thoughts on “It's back~ darkness is back~

  1. happinezz001

    this post actually made my day a little better because this morning I woke up and found out that another one of my favorite light novels was licensed by yen press and was removed from baka tsuki

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Licenses aren't a bad thing, but a good thing. Sure, there's wait. But you can get professionally translated physical copy to read :).

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Fan translations are there to popularize content and make unavailable stuff available. Not providing free stuffs. I'd be happy if any of my series were licensed. I'd just move on to another series knowing my series is being translated and made available. There's lots of stuff to translate out there.

          1. Truth

            I'd be a little conflicted of OSO got licensed lol, but seeing as it's not too far in, i'd be ok with it, but then I couldn't talk about justice here lol, well I could, but i think it'd be odd.

      1. Ophis

        Meh, the wait is actually the least of the problems. My major grip with licenses is that they utterly screw up the work with their localization, I seriously can't stand that. I would rather buy 10 times the same book, in Japanese, just to support the author than waste my money in those crappy "professionally translated" books.

        If I wanted to read a Western book, I would buy one.

        1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

          To an extent, I don't mind localization. Yen Press is usually decent. If I had any gripes, it'd be that no major publisher implements ruby text, but I can live witbout it.

      2. happinezz001

        I'm not actually against the part that they picked the series I just didn't like the fact that they licensed it this year it's more like bad timing I guess like when the story is starting to get more interesting then they licensed it practically killing the excitement

      3. Danana

        Not if you're living in a third world country that don't use english as a native language

    2. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      Wow, Mahouka got axed quick. Usually where's a bit of notice before the content is down. Why couldn't they have done this with SAO.

      Joking aside, this will be making a dent in my wallet, unlike a certain overhyped VR series. And I'll be all the happier for it. To be fair, I have no qualms buying Accel World, and that series is sitting on my shelf between Spice & Wolf and Book Girl.

  2. victorrama

    Hueeee The illustration of OSO is very nice. But its not enough. The darkness is too strong....

  3. Anonymous

    Did I really read it right? Is another short story coming!? All hail Krytyk-sama the Lord of All Darkness and Justice!!!

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much Krytyk-sama!
    I really didn't expect AA to come back so soon. After such a fast translation I thought you would take some days off but it seems like this perfect super human never stops surprising me

  5. Snow

    Geez, krytyk. . . I almost had gotten over the fact that I'll have to wait for justice and then you had to show such amazing work of art. *Hnngghh*

    Anyway, thank you as always krytyk. It's my first time posting in this site; I thought I should at least thank you and everyone else for the hard work.

    . . . Oops, guess my post is long. In short, thank you!

  6. MK

    */cry... sob.. sob.. * Its just so beautiful the contrast between light and darkness... tx man


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