Kiseki-chan does her best.

TMG_v09_169Been a while, aside from one non-release announcement and comments, I haven't done much lately, but now that I have found some time you get a chapter.

So yeah, here we go, normally I'd comment on the chapter, but I can't really do that this time. For... reasons.

What to fill the post with... well, with Lapis being cute. So cute. Best sword. Just look at her puffing up her cheeks!

Also, make sure to buy a book if you have enjoyed it. These things aren't free, they're supposed to be paid for.

If you want me to comment on something or do a rant on a topic/series or whatever, write it out in comments. Same if you have any questions. I'm always in a bind when it comes to filling out the post. However, I reserve myself the right to pick out what I comment about and there are topics I don't want to touch on the blog. Aside from that, go ahead with whatever.



15 thoughts on “Kiseki-chan does her best.

      1. Anonymous

        I also agree that Est is cuter.
        Bwahaha! Now I'm part of the Heretic Alliance!
        P.S. I really do think Est is cuter, it wasn't just for the joke

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Well, Blade Dance is more ecchi-oriented, so it isn't really much of comparison.

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        You must've been really fast, I usually post then edit the post adding link half a minute later. Or maybe a caching issue.


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