More OSO? Any time! It strikes back from a different perspective!


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Well then, accordingly to the announcement earlier, a release of Myu SS something that seems like the first chapter of Myu's volume!

Judging by the chapter itself and what magazine says, apparently something called Only Sense Online - Silver Goddess, or Silver Muse (it's a play on Myu's nickname, but since the word play doesn't work in English, I decided to translate and use the Japanese "goddess". As for Explanation on Muse, it's written in furigana above "goddess" with "ミューズ" (Myu-zu), I guess you get it, right?) is serialized in Dragon Magazine, I'm guessing that it'll eventually be released in a full volume format.

Well then, I think its is an amazing change of perspective and we get to see more of Myu's thinking, and her side of the story. I enjoyed it lots.

Ah, I would forget. I also created a new page for stray illustrations featured elsewhere yet not belonging to any volume. Mainly because one has appeared in Oppai Dragon Magazine attached to May's Dragon Magazine's release. Make sure to check out the sexy sistarzu!

PS: Thanks again to the person who delivered the raws. I normally wouldn't bother shipping the magazine all the way to Europe just for one chapter.


22 thoughts on “More OSO? Any time! It strikes back from a different perspective!

  1. Swordman

    Myu must be the most popular character of OSO in Japan since she gets a spin-off and the main position in 3 of 5 volume covers... >_>
    Still my love is for Magi :D

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Well, she is the imouto living with the main character is the closest on to him and interacts with him the most.

  2. Grom

    dont know if youve alreadfy see it, but there is a OSO manga who started : linkcensored (no team picked it yet)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      God, I'm getting tired with these manga links(roughly once a week). Don't put in links to raws please. Also, it's been linked many times before.

  3. charasuu

    Kry, in mobile ver, the page for illustration isn't appear yet in main menu....
    Or it's just me?

  4. charasuu

    wow, there will a full volum from miu perspective o_O, what next, shizuka dailiy life in her guild o_O???


    "ミューズ" (Myu-zu)" a certain school idol grup name huh.... :D

  5. Nic

    Thanks for the chapter update.
    Missed more OSO.

    Just wondering, the new page for stray illustrations link seems to be linking me to "page not found".
    Is it not up yet?


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