Not a release post. Well, kind of.

OSO_v06_CoverSo, I guess I need to show signs of life from time to time.

Let's start with novel releases first! Antimagic volume 11 and OSO volume 6 are out. I got both of them and just started to skim through... there're HUGE reveals in antimagic... SUPER HYPE!

OSO... cute as ever, moreover there's Sei's swimsuit illustration (it's awesome, really awesome).

The second thing is the antimagic anime's PV, haven't posted it earlier as not to multiply the posts too much. So, below.

And the third thing... I'm still busy, I'll probably come back to working with translations in a few days. Though, I'm probably gonna continue translating Elvenblood. As for what comes next... I have no idea. I'll decide after I skim through them to see what interests me more. What would you like me to start with? (I'm not asking for votes, ultimately it's my choice, but opinions are welcome!).


66 thoughts on “Not a release post. Well, kind of.

  1. Ambrose

    In my opinion i would prefer oso but im just a lowly leecher i would wait and respect your decision Krytyk-sensei. Thanks for translating .Y(^_^)Y

  2. Breaker

    Elvenblood TL please! I enjoy it, the only downside is there is only 2 chapters i can read >.> ...

  3. Neo

    I think it's best if you work on the slightly slower paced OSO volume 6 first so that the thought of having to translate AMA will keep you going and the action in AMA wil fuel you to finish it.

  4. nicodemus88

    Personally I would prefer AMA first... Going to read through all 10 volumes again, preparing for the anime hype.... And been itching to know continuation of story from Vol 10... ;-)

    But, it's your call and whichever one you choose to translate, I'm happy with it... Thanks again for your hard work! :-)

  5. God Ginrai

    I'm always looking forward to more OSO, so my request goes towards that. Your choice tho', so I'll roll with whichever you choose.

      1. krytyk Post author

        You missed me twice now :p. Just open the chat tab and leave it be. I'll respond eventually.

  6. bladerain

    Since you've already started Elven Blood, why not finish it then start OSO next? It's how I see it, but I think leaving something unfinished when you started it for another project then finish it afterwards leaves a bitter aftertaste. Well, that's how I feel. It's like eating ice cream but then went to finish a really tasty cake you're friend gave you. Seeing the ice cream melted leaves a bitter aftertaste cause you wasted money. That's my opinion.

    1. krytyk Post author

      I already stated I'm finishing Elvenblood first, so I don't know what are you on to.

  7. Tigre

    I do believe we need OSO next. You can't tease us by mentioning Sei in a swimsuit just to leave us hanging, that would be barbaric.

  8. Torill

    In this persons humble opinion Antimagic would be great. Liking where the story is at the moment.

  9. azurekaito15

    OSO please i need light due to my sanity is almost gone doing kancolle summer event.

  10. master_tonberry

    personally I'd prefer OSO over anything else. Having said that I haven't been reading elvenblood and am about 5 volumes behing on AA by now so I'm not the most unbiased guy out there.

    I.....I just like the fluffiness

    1. krytyk Post author

      Unfortunately, Daybreak is out of my control :3. I mean, it's Aorii's original novel.

  11. Sonoda Yuki

    Translate AA closer to the anime release date to build more hype, or bleed off some of it to preempt mouthbreathing leechers by translating it first.

    Dark series like AA are like spicy foods. You enjoy 'em despite the pain they cause you, but your sense of taste is numbed for a while afterwards. At the moment, I'm personally in the mood for something sweet.

  12. Liedral

    No idea on what to expect from this volume of OSO, but when I scrolled to page 278 I went hallelujah, the scene I've been waiting for finally appeared, 4 volumes late but it finally showed up. Can't wait~ naturally my vote goes to OSO, too much darkness.

      1. Owl

        How dare you!
        Our goddess's face isn't weird! Just....squished a bit.. side...


  13. Zexth

    I'd say get elvenblood volume 1 done then OSO to recover yourself after that antimagic or OSO side stories if any. Granted i haven't even started OSO yet but elvenblood is going to get even darker so for the sake of whatever sanity you'll have left OSO will heal it... maybe.

  14. Someguy

    I am not encouraged by the anime. Japanese broadcasters always censor/change the best scenes until it conforms to their political/social views like SAO.

  15. Untune

    That mean we could get da da darkness overlord! Which means when reading jistice. Thenfluffinessngets 2x the effect

  16. NekoMK2

    i my honest opinion i grateful for either OSO or AMA but since elveblood like that i hope to read OSO for healing, more over this summer already to many Bloody anime list, really bloody summer eh

  17. Just another dead guy....

    YAAAAAY, Krytyk-sama is still alive. Also, ALL HAIL ELVENBLOOD best series I have seen in a while btw krytyk could you tell us why it seems as if the sister is alive I mean its one of my few theories because she keeps popping up on the covers(I think).

  18. Tom

    OSO please!

    (did not get around to read elvenblood yet, and not really feeling antimagic for some reason, gonna try again soon)

  19. Azurea

    *pants heavily* I want to see the Illustration... is it Colored? Or is it a standard B&W?

    I would say OSO... Since that seems to be what everyone is craving after Elvenblood~

    1. krytyk Post author

      Coloured, Sei in a risque swimsuit in water, on an illustration of her own.

      You should appear on the irc at times :3.

      1. Azurea

        AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *Slams head against wall*
        PLEASE, SHOW IT TO ME!!!!!! My beloved goddess!!!!!!!!
        Or, give me the link to the Irc. :3

          1. krytyk Post author

            Like I said, come to irc and you'll get the link :3. Info is in the about page. I'm not gonna post it here. At least not yet.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Don't worry, I have trauma too and it's gonna deepen by the time Elvenblood vol 1 is done.

  20. happinezz001

    is it just me or is the artwork of the anime is somewhat cuter than what i expected from a series with feels?

    P.S.: Sei-nee in a swimsuit i wanna see that

    P.S. 2:In my opinion just do a coin toss to decide which one are you gonna translate it's much more interesting than thinking about it

    1. krytyk Post author

      Try appearing on the irc channel and you might be able to witness it ahead of time :3.

  21. bronzzzz

    i don't care i love both AMA and OSO.....
    but AMA a bit dark.... for OSO more like cute....
    well it to u Krytykal-sama.....

    ohhh.... I want to know the HYPE in AMA

  22. alyschu

    Wow everyone is voting for OSO... well, I'm not any different so I guess I shouldn't say anything..

    I vote for OSO too! But do whatever you want, since both will come out eventually~

    Thanks for all your translations Krytyk. We appreciate every one of them /o/~

    1. LoliD

      Indeed, much happiness comes from the OSO!
      Meatbun, why is it that wherever i read comments, you are there?

  23. Snowtrooper

    The tease is so real with anti-magic, can't wait to read the translated chapters :D

  24. Kensei Seraph

    Personally I would prefer OSO, but then I have been holding off reading Anti-Magic since I don't remember where I left off.

    Anyway, thanks for the update.

  25. Fury

    Don't fool yourself....
    The dark side is where you belong..... 🙅

  26. Kazekid

    I want my warm feels again. I would translate OSO, but it is really up to you. Thanks for all your hard work.

  27. Owl

    All hail Krytyk! Master of time! (He must be, every time I read his work, my time seem to disappear). :)

    No worries, we can wait for translations. Even better if you can translate it all and drop it in a super large translation bomb. The wait will be painful, but the end result? Ecstasy. Legal ecstasy too, like legal loli. :P

  28. SliverThorn

    Translate OSO first, keep AMA till when the anime adaptation is out to increase the HYPE

  29. Kemm

    OSO definitely. Darkness is not the best way to wash away Deeper Darkness. Justice is.

    Thank you for everything.

  30. victor

    Yeyyyy PV!
    I loveeeeeee you Krytyk-sama!
    For what's next.... how about OSO?
    Both of us need something 'bright' after 'darkness'

      1. victor

        Woah you two are ruuuude.
        I might be a maso, but I have a delicate feeling.
        I'm just like an innocent maiden, pure and untainted.


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