Only Sense Volume 3 finished, and what lies ahead.

OSO_v03_273Now, that I've finished translating the epilogue, afterword and sense build data illustrations the entire volume is finished. I'll put up the full text in a moment. Although, as usual I wouldn't hurry too much with making PDFs and EPUBs as those, unlike my full text page don't update automatically. Hopefully editor-kun will check through the entire volume, also I know that the resident tormentor... um, comment editor Bareus said that he will re-read the entire thing and point out all my mistakes :(! Anyway, it was a good volume even though the book's pacing was slower than usual.


The second issue, I'll be spending a few days probably to check through AntiMagic 5 as promised, so that the PDFs and EPUBs can go live and spread throughout the universe.


And the last thing, yup. The next thing up for translation is AntiMagic Volume 6, some of you probably noticed that as usual, my avatar has already changed to reflect the currently worked on novel (precisely it's always the volume's heroine or one of the girls taken from the said volume's illustration). As some of you thought and suspected, it is a volume focused on Lapis'. As for those who thought it won't be Lapis' volume... what, thought that Lapis won't get a full-fledged volume for herself just because she's a sword?! AS IF! Lapis gets awesome character developement in volume 6, there's a lot to look forward to. The tsun-deredere possessive goddess of sentient swords whose tongue is as sharp as the edge of her sword form. There's gonna be lots of mysteries about her revealed too... for example why does she have a human form, about her previous contractor, and why does she resembl... ehem. Enough teasing for now. You'll have to read to know more ^_^.

When will I start volume 6... is unknown maybe super soon, maybe I'll take a break... but it's coming.


24 thoughts on “Only Sense Volume 3 finished, and what lies ahead.

  1. God Ginrai

    Any idea when the editor might get around to volume 3? I'm just curious about when I will be seeing epub links.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Basically I need to get to it, and I'm on a break, so probably after I come back from the break I'm going to look through the entire thing.

  2. Ser Robin

    I am now going to be sad... I always get this way when I can't continue reading a story I enjoy. Thanks for translating, I am looking forward to reading Volume 4.

    1. Mampi

      -all the work. (Typed while iPad was loading the page and pressed the post button by accident.)

      From 1 to ∞, how sharp would you say she is?

  3. Algoz

    I can't say I'm happy with the end of the volume... since now I will have to wait 3~5 months for the next one T_T

  4. iona

    Thanks for the quick translation of oso can't wait for vol 4.
    Now from fluffiness back to the darkness!! :)

  5. Coma

    and once again... justice will be devoured by the darkness...

    on lapis... mmm I don't really like her ilustrations :/ but is just the illustration... as a character I like her and espect a lot from this volume ^^ (on the other side imouto's ilustrations were really spot on like those of Usagi... they delivered quite well)


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