OSO Chapter 4 is out.

OSO_v01_165Well, not much to say, considering these posts come at very short intervals. So I'll save speeches for the next time. And yes, I did sleep. Yes, I did work a bit. That's a huge growth. Now, here's the chapter.

PS: Yes, this is over half of the whole volume done. Yup, not a week has passed, I know. But this thing is just too addicting.

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15 thoughts on “OSO Chapter 4 is out.

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  1. SandyBoi

    Dat speed. Damn you crazy.
    Lol hope you have a long spell after this.

    And also, thanks for the translations!

  2. kirindas

    Thanks for the hard work! I totally agree I'm completely addicted to the series. Take care of yourself though, don't burn yourself out.

  3. slowmoe

    Coming from Baka Tsuki, I was glad to see your work was still around. I'm fan of your Antimagic translations and now a bigger fan of your OSO translations as well. Keep up the good work... and don't forget to rest when you need it. We'd hate for you to suffer a stroke from overwork. Thanks again.

  4. All Night

    As Krytyk has found a deep love for this series :P Chapter 5 is already underway.

  5. Nyan Cat

    as yun gets hooked up with one sense online, krytyk also gets hooked up with translating it! coincidence? a relationship that pass the Fourth Wall?

  6. arandomdude6

    I totally agree with you that this series is addicting, and you posting this much so soon is amazingly awesome. If i could, id buy you a week of lunches, but you said you don't take donations.

  7. kanel

    you.....realy now are you the kid from the pokemon games who never eats or sleaps???

    seirously this speed is ridiculous...

    well anyway...itadakimasu!

    and seriously thank you for fast and high spec tranlations

  8. Tangol

    so amazing!! Really good reading, really nice translating. Keep up the nice work but dont neglect sleep :D or ...work ....