OSO Vol 5 available, a kind-of-release from me as well.


There was more comments than I expected because of the countdown timer troll (?), I wondered how people will react :3. Still, as expected there's no way I can TL something I don't have, thus there will be no chapter release, but...

BUT! I've been productive over the last few days as I waited for OSO to come out, of course it's not because I was bored, no such thing...! I've decided to make the release attractive in this manner. While at it, that's not all. As I worked on those I did something I was requested for earlier... (about half a year ago?). In other words, a video of "the making" of these colourful thingies.

Vimeo Video

^Basically, 4 and a half hour squeezed into 13 minutes. Used in the vid are mainly basics, lots of basics. Sigh.

Now that OSO Vol 5 has been released, and I got it in my virtual hands, I'm going to slowly start working on that. When will I start releasing stuff, whether I will release it immediately or not... it's unknown. But I'll be done.

As for the other matters. Please do purchase the book if its possible. Even in the original language (Japanese version) support the author and pay what you owe. This time I've prepared several links for release. Amazon, Bookwalker. (gonna add more later, once they appear).

Also, make sure to support the author in other ways, share the fun, make publicity.

PS: I translated chapter titles.


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34 thoughts on “OSO Vol 5 available, a kind-of-release from me as well.

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  1. AoriiAorii

    Love your coloring style krytyk~
    Well, the fabric texture feels a little too hard imo (Miu's skirt looks like it's made of plastic), but the skin/hair tones are prefect ^^

  2. Belak

    Whoa whoa whoa, YOU made all those kick ass pictures?! I thought those were in the LN or something.

    Thank you for your hard work.


  3. Truth

    So apparently I shouldn't walk around a messy room while staring at pictures of Yun... stepped on a thumb tack, didn't notice until I heard weird noises while stepping on the floor...

  4. Tom

    Finally got my dad to buy the 5 osu books for me (as in I give him the money he buys it) since I have no way of doing it myself :D Go OsU!!

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      I did not know that Osu! had a LN. I was never good at that game.

      I, on the other hand, placed an order for a dead tree copy of Only Sense Online to be picked up at the local Kino, since they don't normally stock it.

  5. Liedral

    Just finished looking through vol 5, got a good idea how Yun got tricked into that dress. Speaking of colored pics.... are you going to be coloring the new Tobi picture?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Definitely. it's downright heretical-level cute. But first translation :P.

      1. Liedral

        Can't wait~ blushing Tobi is absolutely adorable, color will make her so much better.

  6. XiaoYao

    woohoo, colored pics! And excellent music choices for the vid, speaking of which, ever heard the nano cover for rolling girls?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I've got acane_madder remix, but haven't heard of nano cover.

      As for the choice... I picked a few at random, but I have a huge playlist of these and all in high quality too, 256-320kbps.

      Should have used boku no sainou maybe...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I like Tobi-chan's illustration, so lovely! As expected of my #1 waifu.

  7. metamorph

    How can you buy the books on amazon? I'm unable to read the japanesse version, but to buy ebooks for kindle amazon forces me even from the english to the german page there I first registered (all hail the Buchpreisbindung :( ) ...... which does not offer the OSO 5 .

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Uh, I know there was a workaround by making a Japanese localized account (I know folks who bought novels from Germany actually (me waves to guhehe.net),

      I'll add more links later as they appear. The easiest to use is bookwalker if you want just to support the author (all you need is a valid payment method like paypal).

      1. metamorph

        Only amazon will sell the dead-tree version of the book to me which happens to tripple the price .... but it should arrive a the latest next tuesday.
        Bookwalker does not want to register me an amazon won't let me pre-order the kindle version due to copy right restrictions.

        I have the strange feeling that I support some shipping / delivery companies much much more than the author ;)

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          That's how it mostly is :x. That's why I purchase ebooks.

          Though as far as I remember, bookwalker account is easy to make... didn't have any problems.

          1. Carlos

            Any workaround for Japan-only titles? I've been trying to purchase some titles buy they appear to be blocked outside of Japan. On another matter, are bookwalker ebooks dmca free? I would prefer not to mess the files to remove the protection. Thank you!

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            They've got DRM on them. Also, there is a workaround to purchasing Japan only books - get a Japanese proxy or use TOR with nodes limited to Japanese ones.

  8. Fireking1220

    Thank you! Ive been meaning to say that for a while. Your translations are great and the works you pick match right up to that. So once again thanks.

  9. happinezz001

    may the blessings of yun's justice aid you on your work

    I shall patiently await the first release