Release Marathon Ends: Notes

This will be about it in regards to the mass release. I had two volumes of Kenja translated which only required looking through... but it still took me three times longer than I expected it would. Damn, it was far worse than I expected it to be.

What I learned from this? Stocking up too much and even simple looking-through and editing can turn into lots of work. I'm never doing it again. With that said, I'll be returning to normal activity from here on - releasing chapters one by one, probably.  Oh, and I'll be going through all the edit suggestions you put out, too.

Now. In regards to the upcoming release schedule. First, I'd like to take some break and get some work done. But I intend to make releases more regular, albeit smaller.

Which was actually one of the main points behind me picking up Kenja - it has at least 4 times smaller chapters than regular novel, so I'm assuming it will be easier for me to drop its chapter releases.

Also, I'm not forgetting OSO. I'm thinking of finishing Volume 11 the next time I have some more solid time off. In the meanwhile I'll be dropping Kenja chapters since they're short and something I can do within a few hours.

Lastly: make sure to support the author and the publisher for bringing these books for us to read. Buy them.