Release Marathon Ends: Notes

This will be about it in regards to the mass release. I had two volumes of Kenja translated which only required looking through... but it still took me three times longer than I expected it would. Damn, it was far worse than I expected it to be.

What I learned from this? Stocking up too much and even simple looking-through and editing can turn into lots of work. I'm never doing it again. With that said, I'll be returning to normal activity from here on - releasing chapters one by one, probably.  Oh, and I'll be going through all the edit suggestions you put out, too.

Now. In regards to the upcoming release schedule. First, I'd like to take some break and get some work done. But I intend to make releases more regular, albeit smaller.

Which was actually one of the main points behind me picking up Kenja - it has at least 4 times smaller chapters than regular novel, so I'm assuming it will be easier for me to drop its chapter releases.

Also, I'm not forgetting OSO. I'm thinking of finishing Volume 11 the next time I have some more solid time off. In the meanwhile I'll be dropping Kenja chapters since they're short and something I can do within a few hours.

Lastly: make sure to support the author and the publisher for bringing these books for us to read. Buy them.


27 thoughts on “Release Marathon Ends: Notes

  1. Avataritsallgoodbaby

    loving kenja, loving the translation, hope to see more in the future thanks~

  2. Avatarryn

    thank you very much
    i kinda waiting for ln translation of this novel since the wn translation left me unsatisfied
    and glad to have your motivation back again

  3. AvatarBernard Bryan

    thank you for translation
    i love this LN since 2015, so many translator tried but they left it
    up until now Im reading the Webnovel even my eyes hurts reading it
    and last year my aunt was visiting in japan on May I ask here to buy this LN only vol.9(got release on that month) are available other vol. were out of stock

  4. AvatarRainbow Flavour

    I was thinking of putting out some edit suggestions.
    Thing is, I don't want to post a massive block of text on your comments, without having at least consulted you first.
    So I was wondering if you had some alternative way for me to send you suggestions, or if you were okay with the blocks of text in comments. (In case you disagree with both, I'll just ignore minor suggestions and focus on bigger ones.)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I don't intend on picking up anything now, and I'm not affiliated with anyone. Also, don't caps.

  5. AvatarDaisuke

    Thanks for those chapter Krykal :3 how many Volume you has in hand? And will you buy more to translate it?

    When I hear the LN of this is translate again,i has tear flow from my eyes :'(
    I love this series only after Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken.

    Cant wait to see more Volume of Kenja No Deshi release from you <3

      1. AvatarDaisuke

        Also a gun fact that I has all 4 Vol of Manga Version of Kenja No Deshi :3
        Which I Order from Kinokuniya from my country

  6. AvatarNeumeny

    I commend you for these great gifts. But, I am truly blown away by what you managed to pull with getting this block of chapters out.

    If I was looking to support the author, Hirotsugu, where could we look to acquire copies of his work?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Avatarnautilus

      Just type in "賢者の弟子を名乗る賢者 [insert #] (GCノベルズ)" into your respective Amazon search. I believe still ships new books internationally as long as it is available in their warehouse if you want to buy directly from them instead of using a third-party reseller. There is also sellers such as CD Japan and YesAsia. Ebooks of Kenja are also available from Bookwalker.

  7. Avatartachi191

    ty for keeping us kinda uptodate with the current affairs to the translations. we are already happy to hear and see you are translating/releasing again

  8. Avatardbm

    Thanks for picking this up and spoiling us with all these incredibly well-written translations. I hope you enjoyed writing them as much as I enjoyed reading them.

    I also hope you choose to continue your translations at least until the middle volumes. The artwork for V5 (with the Fuzichoco fantasy version of a Trigun Sandsteamer on the cover) suggests some interesting worldbuilding and expansion of the scope of the story. And the artwork for V6 suggests significant character and relationship development for Mira.

  9. AvatarGod Ginrai

    Glad to hear the OSO news. The marathon was neat, but I don't think you need to worry about doing those in the future. As long as there are regular updates, most won't complain. As for stocking up: wouldn't that be fine to an extent as long as you weren't trying to release them all within a very short period of time like you attempted here?

  10. AvatarMifu

    I don't translate but I do write, and I've always thought releasing in smaller installments was easier. That relaxing feeling after I release a chapter is what I need more of in my life. Maybe it's just me, but if I hold on to too much I start editing more and more, even though it's already good. Plus readers get stupid impatient, though I don't think I've seen any comments like that on your website.


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