Steadily approaching the end, OSO chapter 5.

OSO_v03_193After the eons of wait, the faithful believers have summoned the goddess back〜...

Already bored of chuuni antics after a single line, so I'll put a link here.

The other thing I'd like to say... I haven't written a welcome post for Aorii who has joined the blogsphere! I still stand by that this isn't a group, and won't be a group, in the first place a group is made with an intention of doing something together, recruiting and such. First Kadi, and now Aorii wanted a place to post their translations, and original novel, and I have a cosy space here to share - that is all. There will be no recruitment, no influencing each other, no group leading or whatever else.

Unconsciously I shifted to ranting... apologies. And welcome Aorii to the sleepless blog where everyone's favourite is refreshing the homepage〜, may the blessing of Yun be upon you. And may the darkness lodge itself in the corners of your soul.




15 thoughts on “Steadily approaching the end, OSO chapter 5.

  1. forum

    For me, at least once, Yun looks a bit boy-ish in the illustration. Keep it up Krytyk, I'm awaiting next justice =D

  2. Oddmoonlight

    Hail the darkness! But seriously this illustration doesn't give Yun enough justice for me. The angle is a bit off.... And once again welcome Aorii.

  3. AoriiAorii

    My everlasting faith repels the darkness =P
    Thanks for the welcome and the translations~ o/

  4. bee

    May the darkness return strong but the justice and the fluffiness and the original continue.

  5. Loco15

    Thanks for the justice Krytyk, and may the federation of genderbends "COUGH" I mean Krytykal stays as a warm place for the army of refreshers that always seek more "diverse" titles.

  6. All Night

    Thus a federation, where each individual is independent from the rest of the "group".

    P.S. I'll edit in a bit. (Wish I had MOAR free time :V)

    1. Coma

      Hail the KrytykAL federation!!!!

      sorry... I had to do it ^^'

      and now.. let enjoy some justice ^^


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