The Missing Stuff From Volume 10

Took several free hours, but here it is. Now volume 10 is complete for good. Also Full Text version.

It'll take some time until the next chapter release, though I might find some time to do prologue since it'll probably be short.

Well, that'd be it. And PS: the volume cover for Vol 14 looks wonderful, though I don't have the HQ cover yet (will update the one on the right, when I have it).


35 thoughts on “The Missing Stuff From Volume 10

  1. ShinSwordman

    Thanks You for your work Krytyk-dono.

    Yun in uniform? But... Who is the blondie in the background? Minute..?

  2. God Ginrai

    Saw the site was down for a couple of days due to some DB issue; Glad to see it is working again.

  3. Nafram

    Wow, I found OSO last month and it was amazing. It feels so different than all other MMO light novel/manga/anime.
    Thank you Krytyk for this excelllent read

  4. tachi191

    ty again for the volume completion, but i am sr to be that kind of person but is there something you can tell us about any progress you maby made?

  5. Neumeny

    Thank you. Since I found this novel by chance, I have really enjoyed the storyline and characters.
    Tempted to try and learn Japanese if only to devour more of this story.
    So thank you for your time and hard work to share this.

  6. Broomstone

    Thank you for your hard work!

    What's up with the military like uniform? does a new event starts on this volume?

    also I would like to ask krytyk-sama:

    I saw the web novel page and the only story arcs missing are: (from google translate) "Fort of Bandit and collection of treasure" and "Siege Battle Event and Witchcraft Castle". Have they already been corvered or does it look like they will be covered?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Bandit Fort won't be covered for sure, instead we got mansion infiltration in this volume, bandit fort's ghost boss is literally the psychokinesis devil ghost from vol 10.

      Siege battle event... will not be covered probably. Instead, there's a siege event in Silver Muse 3.

    1. IchsanWin32

      Hey Village Idiot...
      I thought you're not gonna make pdf/epub anymore since you said you will delete all your work on konosuba translation ...
      I always love your uncompressed pdf ≧﹏≦

  7. Gaboen

    Thank you for translation, i hope the future volume includes Sense Build too coz i like to imagine what kind of sense is available and their upgrades.

  8. Yun is my waifu

    Just wondering if u can at least update novel illustrations for vol 11,12 and 13. Thank you for your hard work

  9. Christopher Leong

    >Minute, no underwear.

    O.O Can touch raw ass?

    I think it's supposed to mean inner wear, as in something like two layers of clothing? Am I wrong on this? Is this just me?

    Oh wait, I just googled it to double-check. Inner wear's the same meaning! XD

    1. Undaren

      He really should think of changing his gender in rl, because he is so feminine that no one can think he is an actual dude, kinda feel bad for him there but, you can't change who you are hehe...


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