Wanna touch fluffy tail, tsun sword

TMG_v06_0053Now first, my apologies but 'date a sword' not gonna appear this time on the title, there's isn't much warranting it in the released chapter. Link here.

Now, there's no news of OSO volume 4 release date, but there are really good news for all the fans, OSO has gotten 58th place on the Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! which is really good, especially for a new series without anime or manga version whatsoever! That also means it's unlikely... heck, definitely won't be cancelled any time soon, and will be continued for a while.

Also, sometime next week I hope, AntiMagic volume 9's cover should appear. If not, then at the beginning of next month.


22 thoughts on “Wanna touch fluffy tail, tsun sword

    1. Nic

      Blanked out the comment to be fair, please do not start flame wars in comments. I will deal with any inappropriate comments.

      -- krytyk

  1. Alpha

    Kiseki, Kiseki, Kiseki. Waga no Imouto yo! Strike down my enemies who deleted my comment of love for you.

  2. Alpha

    And again, blanking out.

    Next time I'm going to ban you. Like I wrote earlier - I do not tolerate bashing any series on this blog. It's a place to enjoy light novel translations, I will not allow people to decrease reader's enjoyment in any way.

    -- krytyk

  3. Alpha

    One post deleted, and one edited. I do not allow comments bashing any series people enjoy on this blog.

    -- Krytyk.

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      On one hand these comments amuse me; on the other hand,... it feels like a waste of space.
      Well it's good to see content creators police their posts. Bashing/trolling is a blight on content sites where they exist and rots the general experience for end-users and host alike, there are other places for that sort of thing.

  4. Coma

    thx krytyk sama...

    But... what's happeneing... I know you said this will have less darkness than other volumes but... it's almost as darkness whant to turn into fluffiness O_o ... and this only make me feel like the author plaing with us... filling us with hope.... just to crush them at the end :°°

      1. Coma

        mm I can guess what the argument of that volume can be... yep... author is gonna crush our hope and raised sense of fluffiness with his dark hammer of despair :°°

    1. krytyk Post author

      Don't think OSO is a good anime material... I mean... anime about yun sitting there crafting...

      Though I would like to see anime about yun patting his tamed mobs... im fine with 20 hours of that.

      1. Sonoda Yuki

        An iyashikei?
        Not according Urobuchi's definition though... let's avoid that.

  5. Nic

    Thats really good news.
    Really fond of OSO even though it does not have some epic story / fights like other LN.

    Thanks for the latest chapter too Krytyk~!


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