Adventures of Three Cute and the Unnecessary Extra

So, a release.

This time a proper chapter equipped with proper illustration.

Also, whenever I appear lately, everyone starts worrying about me or repeating that I should take care of myself and my health. Guys, girls, you're making me feel like I shouldn't be here, instead be lying on hospital bed. Scary.

Link to the chapter.

And now I'm going back to playing the new Giga title which came out the other day (link in the illustration).


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19 thoughts on “Adventures of Three Cute and the Unnecessary Extra

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  1. Neumeny

    Discovered OSO via the manga but the novel has more depth. So thank you for your translations and your dedication.

  2. Gaboen

    Thanks for the translation and the visual for the game is good, is it going to be animated? Cos lately I can't get to clear time to play game

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Probably not, I don't think I remember any of the Giga's games being animated (though I didn't play all the older games).

  3. Bladerain

    Yay! Finally! I waited for at least 3 months for this! That aside, has your hectic work schedule calmed down? Can you translate more often now? If not, I'm just grateful for the translation. Good work.

  4. NNNeee

    Main protagonist Taku isn't unnecessary. Three of them would just be cute girls if they went out together, but with Taku, they are a Harem. He's the core of their group that gives them substance. This series needs to end with Yun realizing he's a girl in mind and body and that he loves Taku, with Myuu and Sei also falling for him.

  5. Emptyness

    Its not like we’re worried about u baka... *mumbles* we just want u to stay healthy *mumbles* its nothing we disnt say anything baaakaa..

    Is it weird this whole dialogue came to mind when reading your post about what people say to u?? Anyway thnx for the chapter though i might have watched one too many tsundere mc

  6. Zehd

    Thank you for the chapter!! And well yeah, we are worried if you say something about beng half-dead/half-life.

  7. junior1210

    Thanks for the chapter. I kinda like seeing followers wishing you well as opposed to trolls wishing you ...... not well.

  8. blade-kun

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Your previous comments were a bit misleading so you can't exactly blame the others for being worried.

    It's been a while since I played a visual novel, probably from that issue with the fan of my PC. It's Giga the developer house?

  9. sweed

    If you write "Just half dead, or maybe half-life." of course we'll say get well soon and such things. Though I didn't do so because I missed the previous release.
    Thanks for your work and take care of your heal- I mean take care of the translation for us, please. ;-)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      ...Actually you're right, I shouldn't write "dead", though that was obviously a metaphor.