And another volume complete.

OSO_vSM_221Let's start with the links to completed stuff. Chapter 5, Afterword, Full Text.

And next, the talk titled "about what's next". Basically, I have no idea. I thought of picking something up and have potential candidates, but I'm completely unsure whether it's a good idea to pick anything up at all considering none of us who are translating stuff here know what we're standing on. So for the time being I might not pick anything new and just observe how everything unfolds.

Of course OSO volume 8 is in plans without any change, unless something happens again, in which case I would probably move to translating different type of content, I presume. Anyway, for now I'm gonna wait and watch what's happening... I think.

PS: From now on I will mercilessly delete all comments suggesting novels to pick up as well as comments from desperate leechers.

PS2: Someone mentioned they wanted a timer... kinda late, but there you go. In less than 2 hours OSO 8 comes out. Of course there will be no update or release on the blog even if the timer reaches the end. It's purely a timer until the book comes out in Japan.

And here's the link for purchasing the novel on bookwalker.



41 thoughts on “And another volume complete.

  1. Rilarion

    Hey krytyk,
    first of all thanks for the awesome translations. You said that you are hesitant about picking new series, as I understand it, its because of the DMCA risk (I apologise If I'm mistaken), If thats the case what about web novels? There are some great ones out there. I'm not suggesting a title since you don't want that. I just wanted to suggest this option, in case you haven't considered it.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's not because of DMCA risk, it's because I have less time than I used to. Also, I want to slowly decrease the amount of time I spend on fan translations, of course still being active to an extent. No, I won't pick up any web novels, honestly speaking, I evaluate them quite poorly, they're extremely amateur work and I could spend my extra time better on actual light novels.

  2. nyururin~

    anyone know if whether there are any groups translating Dress na Boku ga Yangotonaki Katagata no Katei Kyoushi-sama na Kudan i only found like 1 chapter in baka tsuki :C

  3. Rendalf

    Good work krytyk! Keep up with the translations and OSO.

    But honestly when I finally saw what the cover art of volume 8 was like, I didn't think that things had gone that sexual yet... hopefully. W

  4. orpheus01

    Hey! Krytyk-san can I ask? How long until you start on translating volume 8, specifically how long after its release?

      1. orpheus01

        "Then, thou shalt wait for a thousand years" is what my other self but my other "No, no, no way~ No, no, no way~" while singing with grief but please tell me!!! Please Sensei!

  5. Kazh

    OK this has been bugging me for a while. Is Lyly's name pronounced like "lily" of "lie lie"?

    1. AzayakaAsahi

      The katakana for Lyly reads "Ri~ri~".

      Source: Volume 2, the short introduction on characters illustration.

  6. noone

    sorry i dont get what you mean by leechers? and are you going continue release the OSO chapters like before somehow feels like that you will stop releasing due to all these comments ;-;

  7. Anonymous

    It's not bad to take something up from time time to time, well in fact, it is from these things that makes something bigger. As for leechers like me, sometimes we all just want to be surprised about reading something new from time to time and maybe for some reason we will support that 'project' at the expense that WE WILL ANNOY the translator, editor, blah blah blah... to complete the said project (Who the hell invented that "teaser" anyways).

  8. Sean

    Is Elvenblood volume 2 a possibility? Love your work, thank you for the speedy translations :)

  9. charasuu

    thanks for the TL :)
    so the muse vol 1 time line same as half of OSO vol 1
    and so for now on, there is no dose of despair huh :v

    *dammit for that trap

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Oh damn, more stuffs. I'll try to get it done when I have some time :3.

      PS: color omake for vol 2 seems to have failed at printing, it's missing characters there. I guess I'll have to guess what was intended to be there :3.

  10. Caudyr

    Thanks for all the hard work on this series and any other works you work on. :D

    I've actually started looking through the OSO webnovel because I can't stand waiting, haha...started with the last couple of entries for the latest arc.

    I realize details are different (senses Yun possesses are different, for example)...but...yeah. I WANNA KNOW! XD

    Anyway, thanks for all your hard work, I know how much work it takes for this stuff. ^^

  11. Creamy

    Just wanted to thank you for everything, Krytyk.
    You're pretty much the reason why I started learning Japanese and have started buying the original releases of most of what I read in order to support the author so, yeah, thanks for introducing me to so many awesome series and for motivating me to finally get off my lazy ass and stop being a leecher ^^

  12. FranTRf

    Sad to hear all about that dmca thing, that sucks. Im not so much a commenter but i thought it was appropiate to thank u for all the hard work. Its hard to find such good translations to interesting novels. Thank u very much for everything!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Some of them just annoy me, people spamming with their revolutionary methods on how to avoid dmcas, or begging/demanding me to continue. Annoying.

      1. Lou

        That's just the way it is.....after all your translation is good. Combination of good story and good translation. interest in "fanfic" for AMA then....?

          1. Lou

            Hahaha...silly eh....? Guess so...just a little suggestion anyway....after all DMC freaking A don't apply to fanfic...

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Even if you call a translation a fanfic, it doesn't mean it will become one. It's silly thinking. A translation is clearly a derived work and silly tricks are in the end - just silly tricks.

  13. happinezz001

    Now the waiting games start cuz it about 2 weeks before vol 8 is released unless something happens

  14. emperor melon

    As a faithful follower who is lazy and does not have motivation to learn Japanese.*yawn* how about doing a poll? I wish to read more ^•^
    New series,motivation,and more important of all my happ*SMACK*


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