Another Update, and on Artwork

Kaede-Semi-Final-7-11-2016Trying not to steal Krytyk's thunder here ^^

But alas, a faster chapter update for Daybreak, as promised. There is a certain scene in this chapter that will certainly raise eyebrows. I'm still a little concerned over its appropriateness (it's justified in a logical matter, but may rub some the wrong way). I guess we shall see.

[ Chapter 11 ]

We are now pushing into the 2nd half of Volume 3 now, which means I need to be doing battle research again -- the battlefront has ballooned from vol2's a few thousand to over 100,000. But there is still one more chapter before things truly heat up, in which Kaede will meet someone she's been wanting to talk to for a long time.

On sad news, I re-established communications with the artist, Chuz, and discovered the cause of our disconnect: his family just underwent a real life crisis/tragedy. So of course, he is discontinuing, and my best wishes (since I'm not the praying sort) go with him.

At some point when I have time, I'll look into another artist again. In the meantime, I'm posting some of the drawings we've arrived at from discussions, since I do love the work and wished it had time to finish.

Artwork Page ]

11 thoughts on “Another Update, and on Artwork

  1. Enefeaa

    Thank for the great work as usual.
    Somehow i think of relationship between women in islam that show in previous 2-3 act in manga otoyomegatari. I not know it 100% true.
    The husband know his wife has bff but it women business not him.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Otoyomegatari's cultural backdrop is more focused on nomad traditions than islamic traditions though. Women's role in islam varies greatly depending on location, from Arabia to Persia to SEA.

  2. Shyurin

    How was the height of kaede again? Because if we were to take her bag with its 40 cm as a measurment with the kaede on the picture wearing the bag she would be around 2,20 m in height ...

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Kaede is 157cm/5'2"
      I should probably scrub the measurement from that image, lol. It's really not meant to be to scale so don't take it too seriously xD

  3. WinterRED

    Thanks for the chapter! This one left me a little overwhelmed, but enjoyable all the same. Super excited that Samarians are being introduced, and interested to see who this mysterious figure that you hinted at will be.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      mmmh, any particular reason for the underwhelming?
      Me and my beta-readers still have some divisiveness over depiction in certain scenes, so it might help me make judgments.

      1. WinterRED

        Not sure if you typo'd or accidently misread! Overwhelmed, not underwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the introduction of multiple new characters, subplots and uhmm...interesting (?) action scenes that left me a little baffled.

        I think I vaguely understand what's going on here, but what happened in the tent was a bit hard to follow. I understand why it was sort of glossed over, but at the same time I wish it was explained a little more in detail why it happened. The subtle hints of "happy nerve" stimulation and its linkage to sexual acts makes sense, but so far doesn't tie in too well with the new girl and her actions. Could just be me being too sensitive to the whole issue though, who knows.

        Either way, the amount of detail and preparation you put into Daybreak continues to impress. Keep up the great work!

        1. AoriiAorii Post author

          d'oh misread...
          mmmmh, yes you're right that this chapter spun off a whole load of stuff. Which is funny since I originally planned for this chapter merely to advance two existing issues (Estelle's planned coup and Sylv's episode finally moving above water). Vivi's entry had been delayed for too long so I guess her first major scene came as bit of a shock... though I guess I should re-examine the depiction itself (since that seems to be an issue).

  4. krytykkrytyk

    From the looks of it, not only you stole my thunder but you also threw it back at me. (krytyk looks at the thunderstorm outside as he writes this).


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