Better late than never

This chapter update certainly did not meet my promise of 'around three weeks'. orz.

I can give you a lot of excuses, like family visits during the holidays, or falling sick right before my final exam for my professional class, or the fact it was very difficult to write -- I probably rewrote more scenes in this chapter than any other for a long time, one of which redone three times.

...But the biggest reason for the delay is because I got lazy ^^'

That being said, I'm still not exactly 'satisfied' with it. There's something missing, except neither me nor my beta-readers can put a finger on this intuition of mine (although Kadi shares it). So if you have any suggestions, please feel free to bring them forward.

So anyhow, here's the conclusion to the Battle of Nordkreuz. Will be the last battle I write for a considerable while, thankfully.

Since I've been hooked on Tears to Tiara 2 (a very good history/theology-inspired visual novel but terribly-paced SRPG) and its music absolutely hit the home run, here are two more battle tracks for your enjoyment while reading.
Warrior's Fate, Hamilcar (for warming up)
Arrive, Decisive Battle!

~~ Aorii

13 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. AvatarYukino

    You just remind me of the game. I forgot to play tear to tiara 2 ever since I finished the prologue about 2-3 weeks ago. Also, hope you don't disappear again Aorii sama~

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      I fell in love with it since the intro. Hamilcar easily makes one of my favorite fictional characters seen during the last few years in animesque media.

      Old legends have it that Ishtar (Greek name Astarte), the goddess of love, fertility, and war, would descend upon a wise ruler and bring him untold victory and glory. Several fictions have been written based on this premise. Tears to Tiara 2 was definitely one of the more interesting ones by combining it with Hannibal's war against Rome. I kinda wish it stuck to VN instead of also being an SRPG -- it might be too slow for a RPG, but it didn't cover details as well as a VN should =\

      1. AvatarCaleb

        Yeah I absolutely love Hamilcar as well, though it was a bit weird to hear Kirito again after just finishing SAO2 but personality-wise he is awesome.

        He is neither a wishy-washy MC nor the always cool and composed type but he just felt human. At least way more than most of the other RPGs/VNs/animes MCs I know. ( And let's be honest, his acting in the intro was ingenious - that is sth this game in general did well, that is hiding the agendas of the protagonists and antagonists until they needed to be shown - Isabelle is another good example for that (I always had a hunch for her aim but then she did once again sth completely unexpected and threw me off course))

        Where I also have to agree with you is with the pacing - the first half was kk but the second half is soooo tedious xD I'm sick of that freaking miasma and 1 hit KOs.

        Well the first Tears of Tiara was more in the direction of VN and believe me, it wasn't pretty. It took the term Eroge way too serious and just had to put a lympho male MC in a result the story suffered tremendously -.-

  2. AvatarTsaimath

    First of all, curse you, I complety killed my sleep schedule by reading through Daybreak Book 1 and the 15 chapters of book 2 in one go which kept me up all night...
    //ok, it's not really a curse, it's the highest praise I have to offer for a book, it simply means it was too good to stop reading before running out of chapters.

    I'll propably write some more thoughts when I'm less sleepy but for now: It's a great book!

    From now on: Spoilers up to chapter 15 ahead, don't read on if you didn't read it! You have been warned!

    As for what is missing in the chapter, maybe it's some sort of "conclusion" for the Main-Main Characters which propably will be in the remaining two chapters but for a chapter you call the conclusion of the Nordkreuz-Battle, it's awfully unconcluded, our Main-Character is still sitting on a Ghost Horse somewhere in a cloud, one of our second Heroines (Ariadne, my personal favorite) is sitting on a dying Skywhale (or falling through the sky in the whales death-throes, sidekick 1 (Gerd) was raising hell on some dying Skywhale, Sylviane was in air-battle with some drakes, Sidekick 2 (Reynald) just got his demise delayed by some guy but is still injured, on the ground and surrounded and we know next to nothing about the guy coming in so it's not one of those "Hero's Entry, all is well now" moments cause the guy who just showed up could be anything, we don't know him.
    Summing it up, maybe it feels incomplete because you wanted it to conclude the battle which it simply not does it is the thundering crescendo painting the sky in flames but it's not the end.
    Another thing is that the characters feel awfully "removed" from the main-action, it doesn't feel as if it would have made a major difference weather Ariadne, Gerd, Reynald and even Kaede never feel pivotal, they may have been, but it doesn't feel like it. Ok, apart from Kaede suggesting the whole thing and Reynald killing the Admiral in the end but those are not dramatic points. Kaede saving Ariadne could have been such a dramatic point, maybe if the viewpoint had stayed on Ariadne a bit longer (up to the point where the arrow kills her enemy and his swing misses her by a hair's breadth only to make her realise that little Kaede just saved her, then switching back to kaede making the shot and such, and have Ariadne, covered by awesome long range snipery make her way to the blowhole and throw in the grenade. Or have her (Ariadne) cover Conolel Whatever his name was (her boss) as he makes his way to the blowhole, tosses in a grenade and perishes in fiery death.)

    Or to put it in other terms: Imagine Star Wars, A new hope, Luke, Wedge and Biggs fly their way to the Deathstar, fly into the trench get attacked by Tie Fighters, Solo blows some nameless Tie Fighter into space, they all fly away and some other guys we never heard or cared about blow up the Deathstar. It kinda feels like that ;)

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      That may actually be unconsciously intended. I'm not sure? (lol). It's a trend more common in military fiction than any other. The most important parts of a battle may be more 'building block'-ish than 'killing blow'.
      May be just another stylistic choice. When I think about it, it's certainly a big difference that often shows itself between eastern fiction (where support roles are honored more) and western fiction (where heroic spotlight is more desirable).
      Regardless, this is great food for thought. Thanks for the comment and the encouraging support~ ^o^

        1. AvatarBloodAdept

          Just realized this wasn't the update i thought it was lol. But still good to know


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