Christmas Eve Release

Illustration by 天丼@pixiv


As requested, a Christmas release, though on Christmas' Eve. On this occasion I might as well wish you all the best of luck. I hope you have happy time during the holidays.

Yeah, I know the added image on the side isn't thematically appropriate, but I thought it's cute :3. Maybe it'll warm you up (I don't have a Christmas themed OSO image, aside from the one in post below).

So, the chapter link itself here.

Also make sure to remember to actually purchase the books to support the author and the publisher, don't remain idle le(e)chers.




18 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Release

  1. zomg


    Yun images are dangerous.

    I know understand better the plight of OSO players.

  2. Emptyness

    Santa krytk has given us 2 gofts a chapter to welcome a new year and a link to a beutiful picture to fight this cold winter -30 here when im tuping this comment

    Thnx krytk sensei

  3. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for the chapter and the picture.
    It's perfect for those of us on the middle of summer.

  4. Anonymous_Potato

    Thank you very much for your hard .... uh.... work... and a picture of the goddess.


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