Happy August, have some updates

After an unexpected two months' delay, Daybreak v3ch2 is out at last. This chapter was an utter pain to write, so much that I caught writer's block during the middle of it. But hopefully you'll enjoy the results.

I also used this chapter to bring out the big hammer against people's misinterpretations. Many readers (especially back in volume 1) believed that Daybreak on Hyperion is a Medieval Fantasy due to the reliance on cold steel. Well, it isn't. Hyperion is actually in a far more interesting time period: Welcome to the Age of Imperialism. If you haven't picked it up already (by the Absolute Monarchy, the rise of Nationalism, the global exploration/colonization, etc.), the newest discussed technology should make this obvious.

Lastly, I also snuck in Weichsel's National Profile last week -- for those interested. Reference notes for the initial chapters have also been posted, including information for that spam of religious references in the prologue chapter.

3 thoughts on “Happy August, have some updates

  1. Rayleigh-jeans

    Before everythings, i am happy to see Kaede and you again for such an interresting chapter.

    But this chapter has confirmed what i feared :
    Unlike other stories where the MCs just do whatever they want whithout caring about the rest of the wolrd. Yours relies so much on wolrdbuilding that it's nearly impossible to understand/enjoy (it's not quite the feeling but whatever) without reading the whole story again.
    Not that it bothers me cause yours story si great ( it's already the fourth time) and it give so more importance to chapter like this one but i think i will wait 1 or 2 years before reading Daybreak again ( for the whole vol.)

    I just wanted to say that Daybreak is and will stay one of my favorite novel.
    Take yours time and despite the lack of comments, i'm sure, we, leecher of krytykal.org, are fully supporting you and Kaede.

    Best regard and see you next time.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Yeah the long time between updates isn't really helping people keep fresh information in mind for those not used to this kind of thing.
      Checking back when vol.3 is completed may be best

  2. Oddmoonlight

    I for one had my suspicions since such things as blood fusion and some other stuff were used. Thanks for the early august chapter Aoi. XD


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