Let's start up the new, different darkneesss.

senketsu_kuchie_p01_aWell, for now let's call it "new darkness", I'll come up with something fun for it soon enough!

So here we go, a series with evil powerful pointy ears. Very unlike the other series I translated so far, the style is much more sophisticated... or maybe it's just my impression.

For what'll be from now on, I hope to complete volume 1 before antimagic and OSO come out. Also, meanwhile I also hope to continue working on AMA 2 re-translation (I have completed preparations for it, all I need is motivation now).

About Elvenblood, or EB, as from now on I'll shorten it. It has a quite long release schedule, much longer than OSO or AMA (5-6 months, as compared to 3 months) so it composes right in for a slow series (PS: volume 2 comes out today).

All right, for now I have a preamble translated, check it and any impressions are welcome, I guess. Link here.

Update: I added volume 2 cover on the series page.


20 thoughts on “Let's start up the new, different darkneesss.

  1. Avatarhappinezz001

    this is just a suggestion but are you gonna put a tab to place all of your finished projects or something ?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I actually tried doing it, but the theme limits had my plans in that regard to fail. The menu went > Complete > Series > volumes > chapters, but the expanding bar got cropped when it left the main body. (You can see what I mean if you expand Omae wo's chapters).

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Perspective, she is reaching slightly forward. Well, sometimes these things look awkward.

    2. AvatarAshmedia

      Bruv she's a loli bruv you don't question lolis, and well kry is right though some of Kona's works are like that.

  2. Avatarsherrynity

    【Advent Darkness】....!!!

    ....wait, it ain't a certain game lol.

    And as usual,
    Thank you for the translation~!!

    1. Avataramaelzaekil

      This isn't your average, everyday pointy ears. This is... EVIL POWERFUL POINTY EARS

  3. AvatarCarlos

    Let's hope this novel doesn't end abruptly like the last one... (no jinx intended...)

  4. AvatarSomeguy

    It's already obvious, instead of calling it "new darkness", just call it "blood". When new chapters come out it will be fresh/new/dripping/smeared/dirty/rotting/diseased blood.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Blood is too simple. :| Don't worry, I'll come up with something for sure!

        1. AvatarBareus

          I don't think it will sound better by changing the language here.
          Maybe cross-blood? Referring to that cross/splash-blood symbol in cover background.
          Or how about something like "our cute [little] elves", completly in contrast to how this novel seems to be?
          Or maybe "[dark] tragedy"? I just remembered that one illustration krytyk showed me...
          Hm.... I think we need at least 1-3 more chapters to finally decide how to call it... or krytyk just comes up with one that sounds perfect for this new series

          1. AvatarB-Dom

            Yeah, sounded better in my head, Bluot / Blut A'lfar (or another name for elves).

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            It's not like I'm looking for anything cool, in fact, anything cool would stand contrary to the convention of series nickname naming.

          3. AvatarB-Dom

            Hee, I didn't really think it sounded 'cool' per say, just sounded 'good / meaningful', since it would translated to Blood Elf

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Good point, I need to add it manually. On it. It should be working now.


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