Not a release, small announcement~

TMG_v05_coverFor those who have waited for the edited version of AntiMagic volume 5, I've looked over the entire volume and it should have reached the quality I would call "the bare minimum acceptable". In other words, it's as good as it can get with me, someone who is not a native English speaker, editing my own translations a mere month after completing it.

Anyway, you're welcome to make PDFs EPUBs MOBIs and whatever else is there. I'll pick one version up and put it on the series page.

I am thinking about making a separate page with ebook formats, about linking to mediafire folder with those, a way to allow people choose from a number of versions (there's always more than one version of ebook out there, and I can't really choose 'the best one' as mostly have their pros and cons - size, formatting...), changing "about" section slightly, and a few other blog QoL stuffs. But that's all the song of the distant future.


10 thoughts on “Not a release, small announcement~

  1. Yilark

    I'm not a native speaker too and I could understand all novels, I don't khown how people try to edit your translation,
    I appreciate your work and and hope you continue doing this great novel that I liked. Thanks krytyk the last novel and translation were fantastic .

  2. Courage

    Thanks for your hardwork Krytyk. I can't help but say I've been going crazy out of anticipation for Volume 6 of AA. Volume 5 was the best in my opinion. I truly loved it. Keep it up !!

  3. Triopsate

    O.o you're NOT a native English speaker? I honestly could not tell after reading all your posts since your grammer is significantly better than most others I've seen (native English speakers included).

      1. kanel

        english is actually the 4rh language i know well enought to speak fluently for me ......becoming a good english speaker so to say is much easier cause you get to exercise the language many times over the net....cant say the same for my french and russian...i am getting rusty on those 2 and i know it....well anyway..

        merci beaucoup pour votre travail kadi et krytyk

  4. Bareus

    Would be nice, if you can also add the creation date so we know if the file is up-to-date or not :)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Haa, I've already got lots of things to track :p.

      By the way, example only sense vol 1 and 2 pdf's epubs don't have your edits in them... but since I'm not the one making them, nor remaking them... well, much more stuff that would be on my head if I were to be that diligent.

      1. kinji1412

        hey i think i can handle the pdf's for all series
        i can make sharing folder at mediafire so you can fin it easily
        and keep updating the pdf's if something need to fix
        BTW i made for 7 inch tab size in high quality(follow you uploaded picture)

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Well, that's something to think of in future. Currently no extra time for that. But I do want to make an efficient ebook format management system.


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