Not a release

23412940Now, young padawans, in response to never-ending stream of questions~. Nothing will be released until next week, however if a release happens, it'll most likely be a multi-release. Look forward to it? And yeah, remember not to put spoilers from crappy-googletranslated webnovel in comments, it annoys me greatly.

Also, as for PDFs EPUBs KEPUBs and MOBIs for Only Sense vol 1, wait a week longer for all the edits to be more or less finalized.

Now then, guess that's it. Listen to yoda-sensei young ones.

55 thoughts on “Not a release

  1. Zackata

    Thanks for every translations but i've got a question, if you would be so kind enough to answer this for me, Where does the pdf goes?

  2. yoda

    Have patience, yoda will
    do nothing else, yoda can
    Very thankful for your hard work, yoda is

  3. lesstea

    There's no way we'd show disrespect to our saviors (read : the staff). Afterall, without them we wouldn't be able to meet our god(ess) Yun!

    We're just venting our frustation to this Namekian.
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  4. bladerain

    Well, most of here are nothing more than leechers hungry for more light novels so we must be patient and show respect to the translators and editors who work themselves to the bone for our sake without complaint. What right do we have to complain anyways? Although I'm writing my own novel and not translating someone else's work, I can understand the hardships they encounter. And no matter what, they can't put us as their top priority, they must always prioritize their own lives. If their lives are ruined, the translations get affected too. Thanks for the release also. I'm really grateful, as well as everyone else on this site.

  5. Mix

    well i'll just gonna read it again for the fourth time while waiting for the next release XD

  6. Saerrillian

    Not sure what is going on tonight, but I can't access this site without using Tor in the US >.>

    Anyways, thanks for doing OSO, it's pretty interesting.

  7. Anon

    I am just a crazy addict person and I will check this website every time I open my browser. Just can't stop the action even though I know its futile... but the 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% cheers me on...

  8. Mathes

    You give them an inch and they'll take a mile. Hope you keep it to a level that doesn't feel like a job. Thank you for the quality translations.

  9. Eirven

    A multi-release , isn't that nice? We might even see an OSO vol. 2 full released *evil laughs*

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      No no, I wouldn't go that far. I'm busy right now. It will probably more than most expect though.

      1. The Commissar

        Most expect full volumes to be done in days ;P , but thanks for what ever is done :D

  10. Leogun

    Deeply enjoying OSO and had already been reading AMA B 35th. Thank you very much for your efforts and the intro to OSO.

  11. MagicWafflez

    would it be alright if I ask which of the novels the next project is?

    thank you for the releases by the way :D you definitely earned a major break

  12. Shiku

    Me waiting dor Vol2 ...

    sigh... if yoda-sensei says so then one must have patience . . .

    SUDDENLY, a wild dark force appeared.

    dark force uses possesion.

    A battle brewing inside my head right now , whether to wait or read WN. but then this one realizes(correct me if wrong spelling) this one he must wait 'cuz he wants accurate TLing than the WN using the ever confusing Machine Trans.

    Anyway, just keep it at own pace Kryryk-sama
    We can even wait for a Month(just a metaphor)

    Well, if many ppl are impatient then more ppl waiting for yer Godspeed Translations(seriously itz super fast). Just your best but don't overwork and Good Luck ^^...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's a really low priority project, I picked it on a whim with a premise I'll do it occasionally, so I can't promise anything beyond 'I'll do it someday'.

      1. xExorTx

        ahahahaha even though it's a low priority project it is a good story to read...
        besides isn't the so called "MOE-ness OVERLOAD" is strong?

        1. Ratatoskr

          The imouto moe-ness is definitely strong with this one. Like beyond infinity if possible..hahaha

  13. John

    For the first time in my life I have had the sudden urge to beat up Yoda. Do not get me wrong, krytyk is a god of translating and the whole community benefits from his speedy yet accurate translations. However, as a reader who has been pulled over to the dark side instead of being patient, it is more like I am resisting the urge to destroy my laptop in frustration. Again thanks for all the great work, unfortunately I think us readers are now spoiled. “You must unlearn what you have learned.” (Yoda)

  14. Kildar

    Cheers for the update, just being told not to bother for a week is better than i expected.
    No news after all is NOT good news when it comes to things like this.
    In other news i agree with Byaku, take a rest if you need/want to, you are already SOOOO much faster than all the other translators i know of, so take all the addicts begging as the praise it is and work at your own pace.
    Cheers for all the hard work

  15. jspl

    well patience is a virtue or so they say but i will be waiting eagerly for more please hurry sir i am having the shakes without my fix

  16. Shiroe

    In krytyk, you trust. May tempt you, the dark side will.
    Machine Translate, you must not.

  17. Michael

    Lol I'm just happy I know how long I have to wait I would rather know when a chapter may come out rather than having to keep on checking for a update everyday :-p

    1. Joe

      Exacta. I don't mind the waiting so much as I mind the not knowing how long I'll have to wait. It's like fear of the dark. We are afraid of what we don't know. And besides, likely to be a multi-release? How could that not be worth a bit of patience? One week? Psh! I'd wait a whole month for that! (this isn't me asking for you to take a month off, mind you. I'm only saying that if you gave us a proper heads-up, I could probably maybe possibly hold off for that long maybe).

    1. kazeshindo

      I think a larger percentage of readers already reached the status of saint through light novels lol.

  18. Byaku

    Holding back the urge to say "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"
    Well, that said. Patience. We will learn to be patient Kry. For the sake of more Yun!! XD
    Seriously though, rest before you continue. :D

    1. xExorTx

      well we reader's are like that want to say "NO! RELEASE MORE!" but can't...
      and also isn't a good thing too? It increases your tolerance in waiting and you also learning to be patient ...
      well those greatly affected me and I'm became quite the patient type...(no more raging as of now)


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