Not what you expect

First of all, this is Aorii and not Krytyk. Sorry to disappoint those of you who have been wishing for an OSO update.

Second of all, no this isn't a Daybreak update. However if you did enjoy Daybreak -- or enjoyed parts of it but not the genderbender -- I'm starting up a new writing project that you may be interested in:

The Flowers in Boreal Twilight

If you're a Daybreak reader, you might remember Captain Markov telling Kaede about the 'Grand Marshal of Samara' having a story similar to hers? This is that story.

You might be surprised that this is on completely different site. This doesn't mean I'm migrating from Krytyk's or moving Daybreak. However, I do have several reasons for this:

  1. Krytyk's recent activity (or lack thereof) has me worried about this site in the future (as it's hosted under one of his friends, so if he does stop this'll be gone). Besides, I want to try release-by-posts instead of release-by-pages since it's better fit for modern novel-tracking feeds.
  2. Flowers represent something very different for me -- a writing project that begins serious. Daybreak started as a four-chapter fun project that escalated. It's part of why there's such a radical shift between the 1st volume and later volumes. Flowers will begin with every indication of what the story will be: long, heavy, complex, and bloody, with war and politics woven into a very rich world design and complicated web of character relationships (and unusual romances, when I get there ^^;). There'll still be slice-of-life, but it probably won't be as silly.
  3. Flowers still uses my writing preferences -- a light-novel-esque prose that's dialogue-heavy yet doesn't violate proper English writing standards. However, I'd rather not have it mixed up as an 'anime web novel'. I grew up on works like The Twelve Kingdoms when even Isekai was a respected premise. But since then, light novels (and especially webnovels) have increasingly earned a reputation for being wish-fulfillment on the same tier as fanfiction and smutty romance -- a reputation I happen to agree with. I may still read a LN here or there, but it's increasingly rare, and I'd rather not have Flowers pre-judged as a LN/WN (and certainly not as an Isekai <_<).

Does this mean I'll stop writing Daybreak?  Not in my plans.

Does it mean Daybreak will come out slower? Most probably.

Which one will I prioritize more? It's still too early to tell. I want to get the first 2-3 chapters of Flowers out first to establish exactly what it's about before returning to my draft of Daybreak v4ch1.


~ Aorii

P.S. I've added more Daybreak artwork from Hachi-Hana into the fan art page. ^o^

39 thoughts on “Not what you expect

  1. Levaentin

    nice new proyect i will read it when i have enough free time (saturdays and sundays)

    i i wish you luck and i will follow your story.

    btw i think that is fine if you define this work as a more of a western dark military fantasy than a LN or WN

    have a nice day

  2. Torzius

    I've probably reread Daybreak four or five times already, and its still just as good every time, so I'm really looking forward to this a continuation of Daybreak,but also this series as I am certain you will do an amazing job with it

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Alucard

    So heres a question Aorii, I'd love to actually purchase volumes of Daybreak but since you have made it 100% free and available i cannot do that... Have you considered actually publishing it. I'd buy it if you did even though i've already read it. There are a few other Authors that have started out publishing free to read and have then self published with bonus work that i always buy the published novels to. Your work is actually much better than theirs so you should consider it.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      I've thought about it, several times, but never really got into it for multiple reasons. That's also part of why I started Flowers as I can send it in if it turns out well. Daybreak starts out so ridiculous it's kind of hard to take seriously ^^'

      1. Matirion

        Starting out in a ridiculous manner hasn't stopped a lot of isekai stuff from being published in japan or the rest of the world. You can always try sending it in, because if there are normal people who like it, there will be a publisher who likes it.

        1. Alucard

          Also if nothing else you could self-publish. There are a number of options for that.

  4. Teo

    Well now I don't know if I want more of flowers or daybreak😊 The artwork is nice. And the prologue of flowers promises, so... hope to read more of you in the future!

  5. Kearnaun

    So, maybe it is not the update that many, or at least some, wanted, but the update that we deserve? Someone must have been good then, as the first chapter of The flowers in Boreal Twilight seems to be a pretty nice treat ...

  6. krytykkrytyk

    On the uncertainity of blog's future. The blog is standing strong and I'm not going anywhere. Just the other week I renewed the domain, too.

    Don't spread feaaaaar and unceeertaaainity :3.

    I will be back when I have time, I don't think I'm going quit for years to come - although I might drop the pace - but if I did, I would write something.

        1. Matirion

          Hello Doubt. Why are you using Krytyks name? It can't be good karma for you to take the name of one of the most important people on the internet, you know...

          But seriously, I hope you're doing ok and not getting overworked.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      You told me the hosting belongs under one of your friends?
      I've logged in several times now to a long list of unmoderated comments so... less words, more action (I won't hassle posting) =P

      1. krytykkrytyk

        Well yeah, Simon is hosting this one. And it doesn't appear like Simon will be rolling down his server for years to come :3.

        Once I overcome this wave of work I'll probably be back with some releases, I guess I took enough of a break.

        1. Matirion

          Working so much you don't have time for your hobbies counts as a break now? How much of a workaholic are you?

  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    *when i opened the site expecting my favourite light novel translations, what awaited me instead was an alternate world?!*

      1. Hachi

        It does. It follows the new too-long-to-reasonably-fit-on-the-cover-of-a-book titles we've been seeing lately. But the marketing strategy still works, I demand ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh follow through and get writing.
        I expect that release next year and with quality sales. Don't let us down. =3

    1. Gig

      Nah, he's just gonna keep appearing every couple of months saying he's not dead while not posting anything for the next two years, only to then say that he doesn't feel like translating anymore at the end of it, cursing his projects to be forever forgotten and uncompleted. You'd be surprised how many times this shit happens in the novel translation community.

      1. krytykkrytyk

        It sure does happen in translations a lot. But... do you take me for a bored teenager?

        1. AoriiAorii Post author

          No, he's the self-entitled and vulgar teenager. You're the perverted old salaryman =P

          1. krytykkrytyk

            That... that one hurt. I AM aware that I sometimes sound like one.

        2. Matirion

          Everyone is a bored teenager at some point in their life. For some it's when they are teenagers, for others it's when they are in their 80s. You can never tell when it's gonna happen until it's too late and you find out that you're a teen again...

  8. WinterRED

    Needless to say, very VERY excited to see this news! I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment regarding many modern web novels being what they are (all the more apparent when you start reading fiction on RoyalRoad), and I'm glad you've decided to continue exploring Hyperion's stories!

    As always, keep up the great work.


    1. DaveGilpin

      So you start a story loosely for fun, it turns into a serious project.
      Then you decide to do another project, but be serious about it from the start, which only enhances and enlarges the world your creating.
      What's not to love?

      And on that note, the big question.
      Are you going to be posting updates here with links to Flowers? Or do I have to add another bookmarked page to my 'check once a week' list?

        1. Matirion

          There's email subs to this website? Could you please point me to them, I can't find where they are... Must be looking in the wrong place.

          1. Chocolate

            I believe you can subscribe at the bottom of the About page, pretty nifty stuff.

        2. DaveGilpin

          Meh tried that, was a pain having to open each link via email.
          Much easier just 'open all in different tabs' and check them one by one.

          Or at least I find it easier that way.

          1. Hakurei06Hakurei06

            I prefer to consolidate my feeds through a news aggregator like Feedly, That way I can keep tabs on 200 sites at once with one tab and stay up to date on updates.

            There's specs for feeds on WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Livejournal, Wikis, Github, and even DeviantArt. For most other sites that don't have a helpful link labeled RSS, Feed, or that orange syndication symbol, you can try looking in the html header.

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