One more to go.

After the last much-delayed chapter of Daybreak, this one comes on accelerated schedule: 12 days. ^^

Here's the chapter. No music this time =P

Much of this chapter refers to the event of v2ch9's last scene, if you need to go back as it's been too long.

Only the finale chapter in volume 2 left to go. The good news is that 1/3 of it is already done. The bad news is that I'm just getting into the hard part. So, we'll see how long it ends up taking.

Some of you may have already noticed a certain pattern to my writing: events will often 'resolve' quickly, only to have its effect and influence balloon out later on. I'm really not a believer of 'self-contained', single-volume stories that many LNs adhere to (with mostly only character carryover). I realize that the ever expanding snowball of details from past events may be burdensome to some readers, but this is what macrocosm worldbuilding takes. If you have suggestions on "reminder notes" that could be used, feel welcome to suggest it o/

~~ Aorii

15 thoughts on “One more to go.

  1. AvatarReaper Phoenix

    The simplest but not necessary the best way to do reminders notes for stories would be using Excel or similar programs. At least it is for me. You could create a timeline showing the important events and whatever else you want. I got one file representing 50000 years of history, with the political relations of each nations along with their rise and fall, a sheet on character genealogies, another sheet on races description and stats, another sheet on the ranks used by each nations, and so on. Of course mine is mostly for the background of the story I'm working on.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      That's... a bit excessive for most readers. Even I hardly have the patience to read through a detailed world timeline or character family trees for stories/settings I browse.
      Daybreak actually follows what I consider a lightweight approach: I outline the setting and only design a further level of detail as they become pertinent to the story. This means I don't spend too much time on the foundation and can focus more on the actual writing... although it's part of why the releases are slow, because I'm fleshing out the setting as I go.

    1. Avatarwen2jia1wei3

      "Distance makes the heart grow fonder."
      In other words, this is abandonment play meant to build up suspense until Kaede's glorious arrival (ᗒᗨᗕ)

    2. AvatarFlameStrike

      XD I know right? Kaede's fluffy goodness is almost enough to rival Alice's, and that's saying something. It's still a good chapter though. Daybreak is very well polished. All of the detailed world building never ceases to amaze me.

    1. Avatarkanel

      not sure if you should be proud of know with you owning the blog and all that:P

      well since you are first i can be proud second thought

      thanx a lot for daybreak it pure epicness!

      1. AoriiAorii Post author

        We're still waiting for our Minister of Propaganda (Kadi) to come up with a catchphrase xD

        1. krytykkrytyk

          I'm still thinking making banners for Daybreak and Kadi's Alice too...

          But I would have to design Kaede's illustrated form :p.

        2. KadiKadi

          I'm a fan of Sylv, smashing heads in and walking all over people. So for me personally, the catch-word is "Sylvitis". But it might be too personal since Sylv doesn't show up that much (for now?).

          1. AoriiAorii Post author

            ...And here I thought someone as experienced in stories as you would be good at predicting the finale =P
            Prepare yourself for the next chapter, Kadi xD

          2. KadiKadi

            Hmm? When did I make a prediction about the next chapter? Either way, I don't need experience for that, I have connections~~

            Anywho, it should be true that so far, Sylv has showed up too little to make a catchphrase based on her alone/her name stick. Most readers would probably favor a Kaede-based one.

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