TMG_v07_0088The chapters are getting slightly longer every time, next one will be longer and so will be the one after that... and the one after that.

You can find the link here.

As for the release of AntiMagic volume 9... 2 days left, 2 days and 3 hours until I get my hands on the copy.  Can't wait.

I have decided to go with two-stage teasing, and I'll say that I have already more or less chose the new project (still a long way to go until I pick it up), and will announce it when the that time comes closer.

Why do I mention that? Obviously to fill more space in the post. That's why.

EDIT: I'm not going to make a new post for it, but I want to mention that the HQ cover has appeared for AntiMagic volume 9, and it looks just AWESOME. You can find it in illustrations section of Volume 9 or the project page. Or just here.


22 thoughts on “Release~

  1. Saber

    Does anyone remember how krytyk said he started out? like learning how to translate etc. Thank you :)

  2. einshart

    TY for translate~
    seeing this page project make people believe your sense of taste ..........SO THANK FOR MORE NEW TRANSLATE LN~

  3. Ophis

    Oh yeah, about the new project. I just hope it won't be another VRMMO one. I'm not really fond of those. Though I'm okay with whatever you choose, since the project you've picked so far none were actually boring. :)

    Can you give us a hint? Like, will there be cute imoutos and naughty onee-chans? - Asks Ophis with eyes filled with expectation! *-*

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      No special strong features like imouto or gender bender or naughty oneechans. It's ongoing.

      1. Coma

        I'm not one of those that ask as their first question "is there harem?" or "how strong is the MC?" ... so I will instead ask this:

        Is it dark or fluffy? (or if not specific connotation is given what it lean toward?) Is it an "epic tale" or an "ordinary life tale"?

        obviously no pression to get an answear... but I've apreciated every project you have done so far (and those you have supported giving them space on your blog) so I'm really curious about what may come next ^^

        as for now... let's apreciate Antimagic and its darkness ^^ (and hope the anime will not be trash on the level of vanadis ^^')

          1. nero12

            Its dark!?!!? All praise Krytyk our saviour!! There are very less dark LNs and are always a welcome for me..
            Give me more suffering and angst uffufufufuu...

            George RR Martin is affecting me in more ways than one it seems..

          2. Coma

            good... some more darkness is always wellcome... lets just hope that our share of fluffiness will hold up as well ^^

          3. victorrama

            My heart cant take it!

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