The justice, healing, soothing!

OSO_v04_017So, yeah. OSO volume 4 has come out yesterday, and wanting to release something of it - I got to work on the prologue and - here we go.

I'm slowly starting the translations of the Volume 4, as I'm still busy with work don't expect frequent and fast updates. I'll try to translate stuff in meanwhile and do some releases but... well, don't expect it to come fast.

Not putting the illustrations up yet, other than one I'm using in the release. So don't ask for that.

Well then, enjoy the prologue.


13 thoughts on “The justice, healing, soothing!

  1. Truth

    Just keep the Justice coming, we don't care how long it takes (well we do, but don't hurt yourself trying to get everything done)

  2. Ophis

    What can I say? Kiseki-tan is number 1 in my heart no matter what, but erotic Miu is good too. <3

    Thanks for the translations Krytyk.

  3. KadiKadi

    Okay, if OSO is back, Fluffiness can more or less remain on break, right? You're still getting healed... YAY, time off!

      1. KadiKadi

        Really? ...dammit.

        Also, I just noticed I need to rework the "mugs" in chapter 26. Don't want to write "big mug, big mug, bug mug" all the time, so I'll have to change it. To Mass, I suppose. Then again, it's wine...

        Also, I just noticed I need to be somewhere in 2 hours. Oh, well.

  4. Owl

    I'm going to squeel like a little girl and it's all your fault Krytyk! :P


    *Squee!!! Yun-chan!!!*

  5. Someguy

    Thanks for the translation. :)

    Everyone is busy with work in RL. Just take your time to translate at a pace that doesn't cause you to self-destruct.


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