Daybreak volume 3 chapter 9 out...

I don't have much to say, so I'll leave it at that =P

Now: small announcement by krytyk:

I tolerated the people asking "nCode can you send me xxx to mail?" and dropping their addressees for entire months, but this started getting annoying - not only it doesn't stop, but also there's more and more of them. As far as I know, nCode has dropped his email (dinko.razor@gmail.com) in the comments, if you want him to share anything with you - email him. Comments are not the place for that kind of thing. All of these comments are and will be going straight to trash folder.


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11 thoughts on “Update...

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  1. Rayleigh-J

    Whooaaa the last two chapters of Daybreak just took my breath away !
    But before that, THANKS a second time for bringing Daybreak to us. Waiting a couple of months feels so rewarding when you see the quality of yours work.
    About last chapters:
    I don't know of to express myself well (i will write everythings i feel in french later). But in short, the way you handled the characters reactions and interactions with each others in these chapters was beautifully done.
    Sylviane just became my favorite character (on par with Kaede of course). She looked so... Human, so real her dark side (and light side too) yet at the same time so royal even supernatural (faekissed what a lovely name after those germanic names which hurt my french ears).

    PS: I can't help to want to see more of Kaede strong side again even if i really like her cute side too.

    Thank you again.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      "after those germanic names which hurt my french ears"
      LOL! Gosh, you french folks =P

      Thanks for the compliments. I'm glad you're enjoying how Sylv is developing~ I have to swim against some pretty strong opposition for my choice of direction on this one xD

      1. Technomo12

        Oh, Just ignore those oppositions...Well not really some people are just butt hurt about Sylvie hurting Kaede, but that how messed human nature is she is more human than Pascal would ever be! Albeit she is given a blessing of the OVER powered Heroine

  2. Tony

    Thank you for your work and this wonderful chapter.
    I checking this site every two days to see if there is some new Postings. And since I so noone is thanking u , i thought I should Show u we all are happy about your work.
    Thanks again
    Much love from Germany

    1. Technomo12

      nCode as I can remember is the website that publishes WNs or are they the ones who publish LNs?

  3. krytykkrytyk

    Aorii, do you mind if I borrow your post and add something to it? (small announcement)