Yay, Combat. Yay, More Cute. Yay, Mikadzuchi is Also Cute.

OSO_v08_229Aaaand here I reached the end of the volume. Honestly, it didn't take too long to finish it up (once I found time to work on it).

So... what's next... hmm, probably gonna do some of my anon project(s) I have been putting off as well, some of my other non-anon projects, also OSO extra's I've been sent by Galen Musbach. Meanwhile think about what to do with AMA, and wait for OSO's volume 9 that is to come in on 20th of May.

Bareus just reminded me, but I've been forgetting to write the usual advertisement so:

Please support Only Sense Online's author and publisher. These books aren't supposed to be read for free, the author and the publisher do invest time and money so that it can be written and published for you to read so if you can, buy the original Japanese copy, the English version once (if it) comes out in the West, or advertise the book among your friends and family.

The chapter and full text links: Chapter 6, Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.


16 thoughts on “Yay, Combat. Yay, More Cute. Yay, Mikadzuchi is Also Cute.

  1. Reaper Phoenix

    Thanks 4 the yranslations!

    Yay combat. Yay, more cute. Yay Mikadzuchi is also cute. Yay, my nephew and niece are also cute (when they're sleeping).

  2. Caudyr

    Thanks for hard work, Krytyk!

    Didn't really expect the entire volume to be finished with the next release, but I guess the epilogue was short, heh.

    Can't wait for the next volume! :D

    Also, as for your ad thing...I do hope it gets licensed and released in the US/west, cause I'd definitely get it if it was. =D

  3. Gurbo

    Thanks for another volume! I'm loving this novel, it's so... unique.

    Shun/Yun is such an interesting MC, his motivation is great. You usually see only two types of MC, the extremely hot blooded, motivated, ambitious one and the apathic, but both always focused on fighting. The one that just wants to have fun with friends and family is a really rare breed in a VRMMO novel and I'm loving it. Also, the "Support by crafting" aproach is fantastic.

    I'm lucky to have found this and lucky that you're translating it. Thanks!

    P.S.: Mika was always cute.

    P.P.S.: Also, thanks for getting me hooked back to EC with the post about Yun and Bartle's taxonomy.

  4. moutonslayer

    Thanks for the translation ^^

    Like always it's not an epic volume, but it's always a very good mixing of fight/crafting/comedy that improve my mood every time I read OSO. And like always I wait impatiently for the future volume XD

    And once again thanks for the time you use to share this story. ;)

  5. Owl

    Yay! Another day, another chapter. :)

    Thanks for the meal!

    BTW chapter 6 seems to be missing.

  6. Regulus037

    Thanks for use your free time in translation of OSO, I really appreciate it. :D

    For those who wants the PDF, I will create one for volume 8, but in a couple days, when corrections have been completed.

    Once again, Thanks :D

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Woah woah, I barely finished it some 30 minutes ago, ain't you in a hurry there.

      1. Aruseus493

        I've been in a dry spell of (actual) LNs to read lately, so this is like the first rain in a desert after weeks. <3


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