Yes yes, I know. Also OSO Chapter 2 is out.

OSO_v01_058Yes yes, I was supposed to we working, instead I worked for a bit... then decided to TL for a bit... and TL'd until I finished. F**k me. I need to get to work.

Anyway, not much to say aside from reminding that considering even I have a life lol (yes lol, translators have their lives) there's no set time-schedule for the releases. Though there is a rough plan what's when, which is also pretty inaccurate.

Anyway, another part of Yun's story the cutest MC strikes back HERE. And no, I don't mean her------------------>
Boobs are nice but it's not Yun.

10 thoughts on “Yes yes, I know. Also OSO Chapter 2 is out.

  1. girish

    thanks you so much like the novel and the translation quality is very good thanks

  2. DC

    I'm sorry to see you turn your back on baka-tsuki (or in this case, to see baka-tsuki administration fail). To be honest, I would love to see your work back on baka-tsuki for one reason only: I use their mobile application which allows me to read during my commute to work/university. The commute is usually underground with no internet connection and their app allows for the user to download chapters and read on the go. Also, I am someone who constantly rereads works that I love and would even buy the novel if ever translated and published by a company. I hope that one day you can reconsider your stance on baka-tsuki and upload it once more as baka-tsuki is the most popular light novel translation site and the easiest to navigate and use. Thank you for all the work that you have done and I have enjoyed reading everything that you've translated for us. Hopefully one day, my chinese (currently taking courses) will be at a level where I could read/purchase the chinese translated novels.

    1. DC

      Also, it is incredibly difficult to find this site. Googling "antimagic academy translation" (or anything of the like) will lead to no useful results. Literally, the only way to find this site at the moment is through snooping through baka-tsuki and finding out your name and then googling that. At this point, new people who want to read the light novel will be unable to find it's translation. Can you have the baka-tsuki pages link to your site for a short period of time? (Or set it up like "Kill No More" where every chapter links to your site.) Sorry for the trouble and I hope that consider the suggestion.

      1. kanel

        thought you make some very good points and the fact that i can use the mobile app pains me too its HIS personal choise to do that and he gave so damn good reasons about it.and the proff that he doesnt does it for personal profit is that there are no ads here

        and baka tsuki is a mess right now...take a look at mushoku tensei chapters after the 3rd one and you will see what i mean..

        i dissagre with krytyk when he says that baka tsuki admins dont care,i believe that the site have just grown way to big and complicated fot them to handle it...but that just my personal opinion.

        overall just be thankfull that he is still willing to provide us with some high quality translations

        p.s. sry for the wall o text:p

        1. All Night

          Of all their projects Mushoku Tensei is the largest offender if were talking quality drops. Of the 30 or so projects I'm reading. There all of good to excellent quality translations.

  3. Luminaris

    Well although you didn't manage to do much of your work. We readers are really happy at this fast release :D!

  4. Adam

    Appreciate the "hard" work! Quality > Quantity anytime! Thanks for your translations!

    P.s. I like this blog set up! Oh and do w/e you enjoy - (yes yes, from some guy you don't know :/) - If you happen to churn out some translations while doing so, COOL BEANS!

    Oh, and about work...well if you enjoy it....I envy you... A TON!

  5. Namorax

    Thanks for translating this interesting series!

    Just go and work with your own pace, anything else is secondary. The most important thing is to enjoy doing it^^

  6. yascob99

    Well at least you seem to enjoy translation to some extent but take a break its nice every once in a while.


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