Yun puts zombies to shame.

OSO_v06_121I mean, they aren't as hardcore and stubborn as Yun is.

PS: I am not responsible for destroyed psyche and weird looks you'll get from surroundings if you click the illustration. Seriously.


23 thoughts on “Yun puts zombies to shame.

  1. Linearlook

    i didn't click it in a cafe nor did i get a weird look at the waitress there and i absolutely never try to shut the computer down until my laptop hang and let a loud beep sound making EVERYONE seeing what i see, honest really i'm not lying and i am definitely not getting any weird look at my way home....


    now that's out of the way thank you for the chapter

      1. Linearlook

        nope regular one, next to the uni, and yeah i don't know if i will able to get back there for a while....

  2. Thehan

    Well i been watching some of ladybaby vids ever since my friend took a picture of him in japan plus my psyche is already destroyed cuz of elvenblood

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's been a year and a month since the blog was created, I thought it's about time to put in some freshness into it.

  3. fallencrow04

    i Clicked and challenged it...
    if this was the first time i saw he.. i mean she, i would puke rainbow already

  4. Villager A

    Holy sh*t it's really becoming daily release. Must be Yun's magic taking effect

  5. Destiny

    lol i watched it from beginning to end with sound off... it was... educational in a sense. EVERYONE PLEASE CLICK THE PICTURE.

  6. Galeden

    Gotta admit, He's probably the manliest guy on the planet to dress up and dance like that.

    1. Momonga-sama

      Yep, i totally agree with that gif....

      The vid was mildly disturbing to say politely.


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