Aaand volume 2 comes to an end. Chapter 8, epilogue, afterword and sense build data are out.

OSO_v02_253This is the final release for the volume 2 of Only Sense Online, meaning I've caught up to the released content. I will continue translation right away after volume 3 which is scheduled for 20th of October comes out. No, I repeat, I won't translate webnovel. I will continue translation, but only the light novel version. Why would I translate the same thing two times, moreover why would I have to struggle with inferior version of the same work.

A big announcement! I hereby announce! I am krytyk, that's my, translator's nickname. Krytykal is the name of the blog and the domain. Don't mix them up, I don't want my nickname stay as 'krytykal'!

Next up on the schedule is clean-up, checking all the edits from the editors, All Night and Kadi, also checking the edits on Antimagic Vol 4 by All Night. After that I"ll devote myself to work AND antimagic vol 5. I hope to finish antimagic vol 5 before OSO vol 3 comes out.

Can't wait to see illustrations for OSO vol 3, need more of Yun's loveliness~. I'll be buying the book on the first day, or rather in the middle of the night to check it out and start translating:).

If you have any requests for the site changes, or any requests overall (but spare me new series proposals and such) post freely in comments, I look over all of them and implement if possible.

Now, how many of you will agree with us that 'Yun is justice!'? I wonder.

Chapter links in the last line this time! Chapter 8, Epilogue, Afterword, Sense Build Data.

48 thoughts on “Aaand volume 2 comes to an end. Chapter 8, epilogue, afterword and sense build data are out.

  1. NekoTin

    I would like some changes on the Menu button on the top. Im on mobile so I dont know how it looks on the PC, but if I open it, all the chapters appear. Would prefer it, if only the series are liste with links to all the volumes translated. But love your translation and pls keep it up : )

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      If you click on the project name, you will be moved to project page which contains links, did you check that?

      1. Chilliam

        well, on the mobile version, there is just one button, "menu", which after tapping on it, expands out to show both a link to each project, immediately followed by its 1st novel link, immediately followed by by all of its chapter links, then the remaining books in the series in the same way, then the remaining projects in the same way, meaning you have to scroll through a vast number of links without distinction between them without any good sign that your at the next book to check its title, meaning you have to read each link... it'd probably be best to hide "menu" for mobile vers. and make a "projects" button (thats hidden on anything but mobile), that just has links to each project, and navigate to your book/chapter from there for mobile...

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Hmm, I'll think of a solution, for example make a separate project page for mobile users to use. Thanks for heads up.

          1. Chilliam

            well, you've already got it fixed, but heres a cleaner solution that doesn't give you a redundant link in the full version:


            following this will give you a link that redirects straight to the Projects page, thats only visible on the mobile version, and nothing else, and also not stick out like a sore thumb like that "menu" button, while allowing the main page to remain as before you put that redundant button in...

          2. krytykkrytyk Post author

            I took a different approach and eliminated the problem. Should have, at least.

  2. Cogitoergosum

    Thanks for the translation krytyk. You're a beastly translator, quick with probably the best grammar and composition of all the translations I read, really has a nice flow. Will be eagerly waiting for more yun x magi.

  3. Majestix Silvermoon

    yun is justice!, volume 2 is so fun to read/planning to read again for second justice

  4. benny17

    How about omae wo oniichan? Did you stop translating it?
    Btw thanks for translating OSO krytyk :)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's a low priority project I do when I feel like it. That's what I intended when I took it upon myself. And that's how it'll continue~

  5. Zerklaw

    Hello Krytyk, ty for all the hard work on translating this so fast.

    I know that you won't be translating the WN, but I need to say this... I know that it's inferior with a lot of changes but...but...


    Finally got this out of me, hahah.

    I mean, it is twice the work, but with twice the Yun, twice the JUSTICE.

    Ok Ok, JK, not gonna beg fot it (I NEED MAH JUSTICE)

    Again, ty for the translations and helping me with my stress problem, it was really helpful.

  6. Majestix Silvermoon

    "Yun is justice"

    i have feeling we are becoming like a "protoss not a jedi" due to that "Yun is Justice" similar en taro tassandar or watever

    Still this light novel is fun

  7. Genix

    Tanks for the translation,

    "Now, how many of you will agree with us that ‘Yun is justice!’? I wonder."

    About this I have mixed feelings, but well, he/she :S is one of my favorite character's.

    I hope this LN will have an anime in the near future.

    1. bladerain

      Well, just like Sword Art Online, if it gets extremely popular enough, it'll be a manga, then follow up as an anime. If it does become anime, I think that we would already be at Volume 10... Depends. I just hope that if it does become a manga, the manga won't be as poorly drawn and made like SAO. The anime and light novel were really good... but the manga seriously dampens one's spirit. Kinda like this, I felt really excited and thrilled that I was burning up when I read the light novel. When I read the manga, I felt as if I suddenly had a barrel of cold water poured down on me.

  8. Anon7

    Yun is justice, Yun is love~ Once again, thank you for your hard work in sharing this and I'm definitely looking forward for more AMA.

    Now If you'll allow it, here are the -unofficial- PDF versions of your works that I made.
    Vol 1 ver1.1:
    Vol 2:

    I fixed & edited some stuff that I again missed in volume 1 (and some quick spell checks in vol2). I really shouldn't make this without proper what I'm doing right now. :P

  9. Newton Li

    i have failed as a krytyk stalker. i will now resign from that role until OSO vol 3 is released.

  10. Shiku

    We thank you, Krytyk-sama for TLing the novel

    looking forward for vol3 hehehe

    Late October was it?

    And lastly, YUN "IS" JUSTICE! ! ! XD

  11. Friendly Guy

    What are those books that Yun wants to collect? I only know she first mentioned it in Chapter 5 I think? Other than that, there's no information on what books they are right?

  12. victorrama

    DARN IT! I WAS WAY TOO LATE! Should have refreshed every 5 mins instead of 3 hours

  13. Tsaimath

    Thanks for the release!
    My hope for the next vol would be Yun going nightstalker-style hunting in the dark and gaining some completly different nickname like "Angel of the Night" or "Black Maiden", I think the mental reaction would be truly hillarious.

  14. Deadgye

    And here I thought pointlessly refreshing all the way past 1am wouldn't work out in my favor. I'm looking forward to your work when v3 comes out.

  15. Pinecone

    Long have I been waiting for this! Thank you so much! I can now have closure until the next volume.

  16. Lucied

    HOOOOOO, YEAHHHHH!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Wheeee.... i have been wondering how the battle goes :D once again i thank thee :)

  17. Nirmalya

    Just a suggestion ---
    1> How about implementing something like the series overview in baka-tsuki that shows when each volume had been released and when new ones will come out?
    2> Lastly, is it possible to implement a navigation bar in the chapters to connect them to previous and next contents and a table of contents in the full text page to navigate between chapters? Essentially I am asking for a presentation system similar to baka-tsuki.

    1. Vision

      I think the best you can hope for is that he lets a link be put on the baka-tsuki page like Tsuki Tsuki and LMS. Also thank you for the release.

    2. krytykkrytyk Post author

      1. Hard to say, will think about it.
      2. Thought and tried implementing it, however I found a huge problem which is noninclude. Simply put. It breaks fulltext page...

  18. kanel


    good think i checked five times in 5 minites:P

    tthnx krytyk you are the one true lord!

    1. kazeshindo

      This time I was the fourth person the read the updated chapter lol. Good thing I stayed up all night and day refreshing the page!


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