Only Sense release, more Yun, more cuteness.

OSO_v03_135Nothing really to write, so I'll write the same thing I always do.

Translation has slowed down, and I'm not dashing out horrendous amounts of pages every day - instead I'm resting myself while translating a few pages a day.

There's no news of Antimagic Volume 9 release date, nor any news of OSO Volume 4 release date. Well, in a certain sense that's good - I'll get closer to catching up on everything, especially on Antimagic.

Omae wo still isn't planned into the schedule, and it's unknown when it will restart.

Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

EDIT: Apparently I was mistaken about Antimagic volume 9 (thanks Eonstrike for the tip), it comes out on 20th of December this year, and the Japanese title is 異端同盟, which I guess could be translated as Heretic Alliance, or Alliance of Heretics (Going to use the first one for now).

27 thoughts on “Only Sense release, more Yun, more cuteness.

  1. AvatarVision

    Thanks for the update as always krytyk. About the release date for volume four I would say anywhere between 2-4 months since volume two came out two months after volume one, where as volume three came out four mounts after volume two. So you can say a good estimation could be January of 2015 and hopefully no later than February. Then again it could also end up like blade dance and be in release limbo for a while. :P

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Naw, the release dates will probably stay stable, considering that there's the web version to base on for content.

      1. AvatarShiku

        IKR? i almost thought that Kadi-san really disappeared from the blog...

        But really, i was almost speechless by Kadi-san's post, and happy... really happy...
        So... it might be late to say this, but WELCOME BACK KADI-SAN! XD

  2. AvatarSeirebi

    Thank You!
    This is something nice that I can end my long and difficult day with.

  3. AvatarKensei Seraph

    It seems checking 5+ times per hour finally paid off and despite knowing that the next chapter will probably not be released today or tomorrow I'm probably going to continue checking.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. AvatarByaku

    Justice is here~~~~~
    Oh, thanks for the translation Kry!!

  5. AvatarSonoda Yuki


    I'm not too worried about the pace; it's slow and steady that wins the race.
    Indeed , to Krytyk, many can't compare, but I suppose that that's neither here nor there.
    leaving thanks I make this post. My best regards I wish the most.

  6. AvatarAll Night

    Well. shoot just as I finished edit passes on Chapter 1. (Internet died for a few days :P). Anywho i'll finish chapter 2, then do this one.

  7. AvatarPinecone

    Quite the coincidence that the chapter happens to fit the theme of Halloween pretty darn well.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I believe that its no coincidence that it appeared in the book, seeing the book came out on 18th.

      It is a coincidence that I translated and released it today though. I never had an idea when halloween is until I read the comments here... well, it's something american, not for an european like me to comprehend.

      1. AvatarPinecone

        My family celebrates the Day of the Dead more than Halloween but since it's really only a day apart, the focus on the scary and the dead is kinda the same thing.

  8. AvatarLoco15

    More justice is always apreciated, and it doesn't seem like there will be much drama/plot in this volume (haven't read chap 4 yet) so I can wait

    Thanks a lot for your work Krytyk!

    (And if it is still that way when I comment this) FIRST COMMENT!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!


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