Winter Debut

OSO_v09_037CLet's start with a small announcement:

Antimagic Academy's volume 13 (last volume) comes out on 20th of July. That is in less than two months, I really look forward to seeing how it ends - although I more or less have my predictions.

Now, back to OSO stuffs. To start with, a new colouring. It didn't take me much time and was kind of a hurried job, this time I used fairly bland colours as opposed to the usual vividness I make (the image just asked for it). I still think it came out well. Considering this volume is full of amazingly cute illustrations, possibly, most likely more colouring will come.

Now to move onto the link.

Make sure to support the author and publisher by purchasing the books after you have read the translations.


Time to Discover the Winter Horizons and More Cute Coming With Them


Yes, this is exactly what you're seeing. It's no mirage nor illusion. IRL Yun and Myu, or rather Shun and Miu, in this case.

Yeah, OSO vol 9 is out. Came out roughly half a day ago (11 hours ago?), in any case - it's cute.

Right, so... surprisingly after the break since I last released something, I didn't find anything to write about. So I'm going to move on to the prologue's link immediately.

Lastly: Please support the author and publisher by purchasing the books in Japanese, or in English when they appear. Don't slack and don't leech, give back what you take.

That's about it. And yes, the new clothes everyone gets are cute.

PS: Chapter 1 might not come out so soon, I have something else to do first.

PS: I was a little tired so this one might have more mistakes than usual - until Bareus looks over it.



Daybreak volume 3 chapter 9 out...

I don't have much to say, so I'll leave it at that =P

Now: small announcement by krytyk:

I tolerated the people asking "nCode can you send me xxx to mail?" and dropping their addressees for entire months, but this started getting annoying - not only it doesn't stop, but also there's more and more of them. As far as I know, nCode has dropped his email ( in the comments, if you want him to share anything with you - email him. Comments are not the place for that kind of thing. All of these comments are and will be going straight to trash folder.


Aand, the Promised Short Stories (?)


Coloured by SeventhTale

Though they're less like "short stories" and more like extra chapters for the volume 1. Anyways, the two chapters take place BEFORE the main novel starts and right AFTER Volume 1 ends. Just a few pages short, but they're still worth releasing.

The links for both short chapters: Chapter 0, Chapter 8,5.

Also, yes, the illustration on the right is completely unrelated (I had nothing that wasn't used at least once). This illustration was coloured by SeventhTale, I'm pretty sure he won't mind if I use it like this, rite?


Yay, Combat. Yay, More Cute. Yay, Mikadzuchi is Also Cute.

OSO_v08_229Aaaand here I reached the end of the volume. Honestly, it didn't take too long to finish it up (once I found time to work on it).

So... what's next... hmm, probably gonna do some of my anon project(s) I have been putting off as well, some of my other non-anon projects, also OSO extra's I've been sent by Galen Musbach. Meanwhile think about what to do with AMA, and wait for OSO's volume 9 that is to come in on 20th of May.

Bareus just reminded me, but I've been forgetting to write the usual advertisement so:

Please support Only Sense Online's author and publisher. These books aren't supposed to be read for free, the author and the publisher do invest time and money so that it can be written and published for you to read so if you can, buy the original Japanese copy, the English version once (if it) comes out in the West, or advertise the book among your friends and family.

The chapter and full text links: Chapter 6, Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.